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 Chest hurts when I breathe in..help?
I'm 15. I don't smoke. I've had a cough for about 3 days now. Whenever I breathe in to cough I get this sharp pain in my chest. I've already considered going to the doctor, but I ...

 my mom's whole body is weak and she has a sore throat, help?
im really worried about my moms condition plz ...

 Please help me, it hurts really bad.?
My throat is disgusting, when i cogh it delivers phlegm, and when i talk my voice is wierd. It hurts and i try and drink cold fluids but nothings working. Do i have bronchitis? Can someone die from ...

 pleural effusion?
Can someone tell me about this? I was told on friday that this is what I have. I have been having problems with breathing and pain for over 2 months. Finally went to the DR and he sent me for xrays.. ...

 How fast does an inhaler refill take?
Alright so here is my situation I am 17 and I have really bad asthma. So I have not had an asmtha attack in two years until now, my parents keep asking me if I still have asthma and I keep saying no ...

 Help plz my mom?
My mom says that she hears like a heart pounding inside her right ear and that she has a headache and that she cant sleep alot because she says that she feels breathless. What could it be. Thank ...

 My Throat is Extremely Dry! Help Please?
My throat has been extremely dry for a few days already. Whenever I breathe in, my throat feels very dry, and no matter how much fluid I take in, my throat starts to feel dry after a minutes. Are ...

 Fastest way to recover from a cold? (by tomorrow)?
I am 13 years old, and I'm sick. I have: -Headaches/light headed -Sinus -Runny nose/stuffy nose -Clogged up ears (not infection) -Mild cough -Tiredness/fatigue Yesterday, I was more ...

 How much smoke causes emphysema?
I've only smoked marijuana about 10 times and now i have what i believe is drainage. I'm afraid it might be emphysema though. I'm wondering if 10 times is enough to get emphysema? My ...

 I'm having breathing problems! please help 10 points!!?
Hi, I am 14 year old girl and I painted today! It was fun but after I took a shower, I started to have breathing problems. Whenever I took a breath, it would hurt. My mom gave me medication today but ...

 Snoring? What do I do my fiancĂ© snores!?
I can't ...

 the feeling of being washed after smoking?
after smoking i feel really washed when i come down from my high. is there a way i can become more energized and less tired?...

 What does it mean if I'm coughing up small white things?
When i cough hard enough i cough up small white orb like things, that are small and crush like balled up wet crackers. They smell really bad but i really don't know what they are, any help would ...

 how do i get my crazy mom to stop snoring so loud ?
MY MOM snores like its a train wreck coming threw my house...! HELP ME...

 1 yr old daughter just diagnosed with bronchiolitis...?
so my daughter started getting sick about a month ago and i took her to 4 different doctors all of which said it was a upper respitory infection, gave her prednizone, albuterol and amoxicillian ( not ...

 Do you need a prescription for Albuterol ?
I thought that a prescription was needed. If you have no medical insurance, how do you get a prescription ?...

 my 5.5 years old has sore throat and high fever like 38-39 some times.?
i have given her cold medicine which has fever reducers and for sore throat but it doesn't go down, i also gave her Tylenol to reduce fever but it didn't work . i gave her a warm bath, ...

 how come i dont feel it?
How come I smoke about 3-5 cigarrettes a week and I can still run 5 miles 5 days per week without getting ...

 what is the best way to give up smoking?
i am a heavy chain smoker, i know its harmful that's why i'd tried many times to give up smoking but failed each time. can anyone suggest me how will i b able to do ...

 Is this an emergency?!!!!!?
I cut 2-3 acres of grass with a push lawnmower in 98F breathing gas fumes. I think the gas fumes really did it. I have a rash from my neck to my chest and i can barely breath. is it dangerous? do i ...

does inhaling steam help with a cold?

helps me

Yes. It works for me, because it clears my sinuses, and helps me get all the bad stuff out of my sinuses. I've known of several opera singers who could barely talk, did some steam inhalation, and were able to perform normally. Will it make the cold go away any sooner? I dont' know, but it certainly, in my experience, relieves the symptoms.

it doesnt help with the virus clearance. only anti-viral can do that. the steam is just for symptomatic relief (to clear the airway) and I have heard the doctors advice patients to do that.

In theory I think so, because a cold virus lives in cold/dry climates, which is why your body attacks with heat (fever) and wetness (nose, etc..) Also when I have steamy stuff (hot cocoa, soup, etc..) then my nasal passages clear up for awhile, which may or may not be good for the cold but it is definitely good for the symptom!

Yeah, it helps with head colds. It opens up your sinisus. (Spelling's wrong,sorry) It will help you to breath.

Not sure.. But when i have a cold I love going into steam rooms, the steam and citrus smells really make me feel better and helps unblock airways =] So for me it does..

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