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do i have an ear infection?
my ear has been like throbbing for the whole of today but it doesnt hurt to actually touch the ear, is it infected? Also it makes it throb more if i eat

Dr Prateek Nayak
HI , I am Dr Prateek, I am an ENT surgeon , Bangalore.The cause of an ear pain commonly lies within the ear itself though sometimes it may not be the ear eg if you have a bad tooth it can also give a ear pain Causes of ear pain:- outer ear infection/ swimmer's ear, fungal ear infection- can produce tenderness of the ear and also itching and discharge middle ear infection- here there need not be pain on touching the ear but you may develop fever, pain on eating on that side , ear fullness etc eustachian tube affection - as in a cold wax can also produce pain if impacted other causes are infections, diseases in the throat, ear, tm joint etc which can cause a referred pain in the ear. A word of caution -do not put hydrogen peroxide into your ears without a proper diagnosis if you have a frank infection, or a ear drum perforation it can cause damage to the delicate tissues of the ear. you may try a mild over the counter analgesic and later visit an ENT specialist in your locality. In the mean time do not use ear buds or other objects in your ear, avoid water entry. All the best. Visit my website for ENT diseases information http://my.opera.com/prateeknayak http://drprateeknayak.webs.com

Touching the outside of the ear won't give you the hurt. The inner ear possibly has an infection, and I would wait until tomorrow to see if it still hurts you. If you really are concerned go to your doctor for a check out. You are not digging out the build-up of ear wax by any chance with cotton buds, because it doesn't take much to inflame the ear drum. You can't really tell from these symptoms, whether the ear is infected or not, only a doctor can by looking into the ear canal. I myself have had ear problems in the past so I have some knowledge in this area. givemestrength

Lone Wolf
try eating some lemon and if it hurts like near lower end of your ear means you have mumps developing. or else about ear infection i dont know.

Try the hydrogen peroxide home remedy for ear infection. It is safe. I used it to clean my ears after an audiologist remarked that I had alot of debris in my ears. You can use a eye dropper or syringe to fill the ear canal in a normal manner ( do NOT shoot it in, just fill the ear canal in normal way ) Here is a excerpt from a website......... Ear Infection Remedies suggested by Tim on Saturday, November 10, 2007 I have used Hydrogen Peroxide all my life for ear infections. Its only recent that physicians are adapting the same technique. Tilt your head sideways and pour the peroxide into your ear and let it stay in until it stops fizzing, then turn your head over a towel and drain it out. This will insure that all infection is dead. Repeat again after you pour out the first treatment. hydrogen peroxide suggested by glenna on Sunday, November 4, 2007 lay down and turn head sideways and fill ear w/hydrogen peroxide. leave it in for about 8 min and then turn head and let peroxide drain out of ear- while doing the other ear. the peroxide boils & looses everything bad in your ears.

Brad the lad
Possibly. I'm not a doctor.

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