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 will lungs recover............?
i have been smoking from past 3yrs.average 5 kings a day....now that i have quit will my lungs recover or will it be the same???...

 it feels like somebody is sitting on my chest and im having trouble catching my breath??
ok this usaly happens when i run or do some type of exersize and im starting to feel its not normal im 13 and im having it now i think because my dad was smoking and i was in the room with him and ...

 Is coughing up blood normal or not during a cold?
I been sick since Thursday and I been coughing up blood since then....

 Is it bad to take your albuterol inhaler every day?
I'm 16 years old, and I've had asthma for about 5 years. I take my inhaler at least twice a day and i have ever since it was given to me for the first time, and i just want to know how bad ...

 is the light x-ray give off bad for you?
when u work as an x-ray technician or an ultrasound tech or MRI and so one, are they bad for you could they cause any damage to ur body ?
i want 2 study to be an ultrasound ...

 How do you prevent asthma?
How do you prevent asthma, since I want to be in the Navy. Navy boot camp will be obviously hard with asthma, so how do you prevent the condition from happening and even taking place in your body?...

 what can you do to improve sleep apnea symptoms?
just a quick fix, not cpap or surgery, just a one night thing....

 Why is it that in emphysema, a stretched alveoli results in reduced surface area?
If it is stretched, then surely it has a larger surface area?
Please help.

Thanks in advance....

 how to cure sleep apnea without a cpap machine?

 Battery operated oxygen concentrator (OXYTRAVEL)?
My grandfather needs a constant supply of oxygen for his medical condition. And its a real hassle to travel anywhere. I want to get him some sort of oxygen generating device that can be used for ...

 This morning, i had green mucas in my throat?
And when I was trying to spit it out it was making me sick and there was so much.
This hasn't happened before. I'm 16 and I don't smoke, drink or nothing.
I also eat healthy ...

 Is this normal for a smoker to experience?
Ok so every time i have a smoke (once every two weeks), i hold it in my mouth and close my mouth and breathe the smoke in. I always feel a tightening feeling in my throat and it tickles and then when ...

 The function of hemoglobin in the body is?

 I need help with my cough.?
I haven't had a cold for a while so I got hit pretty bad. So I am almost done the cold part but I can't get to sleep and I am tired how can I find a quick and easy way to help my cough I ...

 Why doesn't fear or excitement help abort an asthma attack?
My OTC inhalant contains epinephrine, which is adrenaline, as the active ingredient. Adrenaline is released by the body in response to certain external stimuli like fear or excitement. If that is the ...

 what are 20 dangerous chemicals that are in a cigarette smoke?

 breathing problems??? need advice!!!?
I never seem to be able to catch my breath!!

I notice that I tend to have to yawn but I feel like I am not getting enough air when I do..or I cant fully finish the yawn. I feel like i have ...

 does anyone else have any input on the marlboro questions 26-30?

 I have had a sore throat since Monday, What should i take 2 help the sore throat and also 2 make it comfortble?
Last night i took nightquill
Today i had a few cough drops
I am 16...

 Will smoking cause me to have a seizure? (I have epilepsy already)?
I had a seizure after I started smoking and I was wondering if that was the cause....

Cannibal Ox
Would Mucinex help smoker's cough?
i just quit smoking and have been exercising daily. but i'm still coughing up toxins that have built up over years of smoking (marijuana). I don't touch ciggarettes. I'm not experiencing shortness of breath like one would with cigs, but i really want to speed up my lungs healing process. Would Mucinex be effective in this situation?

Jimmy lee B.
when was the last time you had a check up? you need to get some blood work done and a chest X ray to rule out some bad stuff. watch what you hear about over the counter medications, and you need a Doctors opinion about this. not just a bunch of answers off of Yahoo. Good luck, glad to hear you stopped smoking, wish you could tell my brother how you did it, he`s smoked weed for 40-45 years and wonders why he don`t feel good.

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