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 Can anyone tell me how to stop a cough?
My fiancee has a cough that will not stop.........we have tried almost every over the counter med., and many home remedies. If anyone has any REAL suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Home ...

 swollen lymph node for 4 months or more?
hi. for 6 or 7 months i'm struggling with what seems to be a chronic sinusitis.. it has progressed from mild discomfort in the nose to headaches, toothaches, postnasal drip and sore throat.

 how soon a person can fly after experiencing spontaneous pneumothorax?

 what is the company name that the dog food is being recalled from?

 prices for rhinoplasty?
my friend INSISTS on getting it, although her nose is perfectly fine. but she wants help with it. and iwont be able to change her mind

anyone know prices for it? any good docs in canada?...

 Cough that won't go away...help! What could it be?!?
After a week of spring vacation at home in February, I returned to my residence only to realize I had a horrible, flemmy cough that I could not get rid of. At first I thought it might be the dust ...

 how does pathophysiology disrupt homeostatis?
hey guys, any feedback would be much ...

 What can I do for a runny nose?
besides blow...Anything that helps 'dry' up the mucous?...

 Asthma, theophylline & green tea cravings?
Yet another odd question from me! :)

Last weekend, my asthma was really bothering me. This time of year, that happens sometimes, due to the high pollen counts in the air. On top of that, I ...

 how to evaluate the proper use of inhalers in asthmatic patients??
i want to knw the methods that i can use with patients to evaluate their inhalers use to minimize their hospital addmission and contol their asthma ...

 I been having a fluttering feeling near my heat then it turn to sort of vibration..What could it be?
I do have asthma.. But not sure if it has anything has to do with it..This feeling is strange and feels like a rumble pack in my chest..I would really appreciated if any body could help me find what ...

 my throa fells like something is stuck and it is closing up. what can i do to get rid of this?

 Apirated some food. Will I get sick?
24hrs ago, I aspirated a small piece of salad into my lung. I began to gag and cough, but dont know if I got it out. The hard coughing has gone. I cough a little still and a small pain in my lung ...

 can zantac make u test positive for meth?

 Lung nodule-copd?
I have a lung nodule and Dr. doe not know if it's cancer, infection or what? Says my lungs are in too bad of shape to do a biopsy or brochiscopy. What can be done and what do you think it like ...

 Can you get Legionnaire's disease from a water pitcher?
My father, who is a cancer patient, was diagnosed with Legionnaire's disease yesterday. Is there any way the plastic Brita pitcher we keep in our fridge can harbor the bacteria? We have never ...

 Best place in USA for Arthritis sufferer?
I presently live in Maine and cannot take another winter with my arthritis. I am looking for somewhere that would be affordable, and not too humid. BIG Plus if there are mild or no winters. Any ...

 why can't my wife breath?
almost every thing has been ruled out hart,longs tiriod,medication
but she still has a hard time ...

 chest pain?
i am a twenty-one year old woman (twenty-two in may) and since last night, i've had chest pain on my left upper chest. it seems to only hurt when i move a certain way, say like to pick something ...

 How the larynx function in respiration and voice production?

Why is my chin itchy?
I have a bad cought that I believe is bronchitis - I can feel it in my chest. I have some post-nasal drip as well, and so I am clearing my throat a lot in addition to the coughing. So, why does my chin constantly feel itchy? This always happens with I have a deep cough like I do know, and I don't understand why. Anyone experience the same thing, or have an explanation?

i dont know but i am experiencing the very same thing right now. i had sinusitis that i got in december that lasted a good 6 weeks because i refused to go to the doctor for antibiotics. no sooner had i recovered from that did i catch a chest cold from my kids. so basically i have been hacking my brains out since december and it is now March! yes i have been getting sinusitis for years and the cough lasts several weeks, but i dont recall it lasting months like this! and now for the past 2 weeks my chin has been very itchy. the coughing is like a constant tickle that never goes away and seems much worse at night. in fact i cant tell you the last time i had a decent nights sleep! as for the itchy chin, i thought i read somewhere it could be allergy related but everything im finding online now says itchy chin/coughing=asthma so i'm confused. i am not having any problems breathing, are you?

Never happened to me or any one I know. Maybe your brain has a crossed wire.

It does sound a little like some sort of allergic reaction though. You commonly see eye-itch with sinus problems from allergy. Could be the same thing making you cough is causing your chin to itch.

Is it your whole chin or a spot on your chin? If it's a spot, then it's probably coming from some embedded object which could be a ingrown hair or micro-splinter or something like that. If it's your whole chin, I don't' know.

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