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 I think I might have sleep apnea? Im so scared!?
Im afraid I have sleep apnea. I woke up once the other night because I felt like i coudlnt breathe. I live with my bf and he tells me i dont snore. I am sooooo scared because I read online this could ...

 Sick and I don't know what it is?
I haven't been feeling well for quite a while now. I had walking pneumonia last month and really havent felt better since. I felt better for a little while, but recently I've had sinuses ...

 What is worse second hand smoke to the non-smoker or first hand smoke to the smoker?

 does everyone get morning breath?
if you do PLEASE respond yes or ...

 What does smoking do to you?
Smoking is bad right? What does it do to you? If you smoke what wll happen to you in the future and will it affect any average person that lives normally.

P.S.: If you do not understand ...

 Out of breath, wheezing at night?
Not sure what is going on with me lately, but I woke up this morning wheezing... I must have been doing it during my sleep, too. Also, I am slightly out of breath/have been breathing heavy lately.

 is it bad when i force myself to throw up if blood comes up?
im ...

 Sickness, I'm a bit scared.?
I am sick with a sore throat and I can't cough up any more mucus and I just woke up and its hard breathing. I have asthma. It might just be my asthma reacting but idk. Do you guys have any ideas ...

 Cannot get rid of a sore throat..?
i've tried Motrein (sorry for mispelling) but i've learned that only puts off the sore throat for about 6 hours maybe.
If i get active before that, i feel sick instantly.
Well ...

 My boyfriend started smoking again...?
my boyfriend just started smoking again after quiting for almost 9 months, we've been stressing out from money so he said that smoking helps him. He knows how bad it hurts me to see him or know ...

 tickle in lungs, can't stop coughing?
Hi. I had a cold about 1-2 weeks ago and coughing was one of the symptoms. The cold has gone away yet I've been coughing pretty regularly throughout the days. But tonight I wake up out of my ...

 how much would someone need to smoke to affect their lungs?

 Can smokeing a cig with a sharpie line on it get you high?
ok i herd that if you draw a line with a sharpie on a cig and then smoke it while the sharpie is still wet it can get u high? ne1 no if this is true or false? or tryed it b4...

 I was born ashmatic,my grandmother has asthma.Isn't there any cure for asthma.Am tired of inhalers & tablets
I tend to believe that there is an alternative cure for asthma apart from the inhalers and tablets in the chemists....

 I stoped breathing when i fell asleep?
last night I woke up in the middle of the night and when i tried to go back to sleep I suddenly felt my heart stop beating (I was laying down with my hand on my chest) and I could not breath but i ...

 I've had a cough for a month and a half. What's going on?
I've visited the doctor twice. The first time I was prescribed a series of zithromax and the second time I was prescribed an albuterol inhaler. Neither have helped my cough. What's going ...

 white blood count going up not down?
I went to the dr about 9 days ago for what he said was an upper respitory infection. My white blood count was 11.9 and he gave me a rx for amocicillan. I took them and returned today because my ...

 im getting sick, is there any way i can stop myself from getting sick? quick 10 pts!! ?
my thought hurts really bad and i have a stuffy nose. ive been getting headaches a lot lately from eating too much sugar i know that. (i luv gummy bears.. =) ) and im going to skate galaxy tomorrow (...

 Im worried I might have Pneumonia?
The middle of my back is in horrible discomfort and it hurts to breathe in and out. Everytime I cough I am in a lot of pain.

On top of it all my chest has been having sharp pains all day, ...

 Can anyone else not sleep?
I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to SF but i can't seem to get to sleep. Any tricks?...

Why am I having a hard time breathing?
I don't have asthma but I don't know why when I run and dance I can't breath well, I know it should be normal but it's unlikely for me because after just dancing or running for a short time my breath become short and infact I loose my breath faster then my friends and I'm pretty active person meaning I like to get up and run.

cool story bro
Because you're fat.

Your heart is failing.

Do you smoke? If so, that's your answer!

Well how long have you been doing these harder cardiovascular activities. If it's the start the answer is simple you are not conditioned. There is a distinct line between conditioned and being active. Being active is a word that woman in their late 30s and up use because they no longer can push themselves to be a quicker or faster human. Being conditioned means you can do a sport like running or dancing. Also what are you eating, that does affect your performance no matter what. If your going to the fast food spots with your friends, eating candy, or even drinking soda. Those will hold you back regardless of your age, i do football, and wrestling and i never perform well if i had the burger on gameday, or i just ate the Hershey's bar after weigh ins. You will get better don't push it, and eat at the very least eat semi-healthy.

cud be seasonal..? unless u got it all the time.... positive u dont hav asthma? there are many different kinds of it.... 1 day i woke up and had trouble breathing and wat do u know, BAM! i got asthma.... u dont need 2 b born with it 2 get it......

Rose Struttmann
Mention it at your next doctor appointment.

Brianna Roldan
u might have asthma who knows

how do you know you don't have asthma..it sure sounds like you have asthma. go to the doctors.

Emma Peterseeeennnnn
you might have asthma. or a small case of it. i didnt know i had it until i was 14. go to the doctor, tahts what i would do first

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