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ok i decided im going to cut down the ciggarettes i smoke and stop fully. i cant be bothered with smoking all the time.. ill do 3-4 per day then 1-2 per day then cut off from there. Im 16 years ...

 when i lay down for a nap i cough alot and cant seem to stop?
i do have a cold and well i seem to be over to rest but some times cough makes me so i dont want to nap, and i have to sit up all day with cold so i dont cough when i lay down, i do take something ...

 Can you collapse a lung smoking?
Taking in too much and coughing intensely hard?...

 for doctors ,i guess.?
What is the average amount of times a sixteen year old female should be using the bathroom in one day?...

 Smoking Cigarettes Once A Week?
Ok, I know smoking is bad yes but if you don't INHALE and just puff the smoke like a cigar is that alright to do ONCE a week and just have one? Also is that better then dipping with smokeless ...

 17yr old guy, and smoking ciggarettes?
i have been smoking squares since i was 14 but i only smoke between 1-4 a day (ciggarettes not packs lol) usally i smoke 2 a day, but anyway is it really THAT bad? and im not too addicted like i dont ...

 How do you dry cpap hose?
because I have usually hanged my hose.(overnight) There is always water inside the tubing even when left out overnight. Tried hooking it up to machine and letting it blow out. Is there another way????...

 Blacking out when I stand up: what's it mean?
Back in May I started blacking out slightly when I stood up after I had sat down for a good period of time. It was even worse when I was lying down. But now, in July, it's gotten a whole lot ...

 am i sick or something? D:?
ok i was at a swim meet when my stomach started to hurt alot, and i went to the bathroom and i had diarrhea, but it had oil and some blood. am i sick? thanks :/ :) im not on my ...

 What could this be? Bronchitis ?
I have a cough since Saturday but some symptoms didn't shop up today. So I've been coughing and had a runny nose but today my throat feels itchy and I cough bad. But when I cough I gag, ...

 i went to the doctors, what does this mean?
so today i went to the doctors and he told me i have chlamydia, i didnt know what it means, does any1 know what it means im really ...

 Just Recently Smoked Weed?
Just Recently Smoked Some Weed ...And i heard It Gets In Your Hair...Can I Transmit It To Someone Else's Hair I Don't K...

 what are the effects of smoking?
I just started smoking the camel crush and I like it but I dont want to get addicted or have health problems....

 What can I do to stop snoring?

 i have a 21 month old little girl who's been coughing and wheezing all the time...what does that mean?
ok first of all...My baby girl had a pneumonia when she was about 6 months old..it was viral...we live in isolated reserve she been medevaced to the city, then again she had a pneumonia again and ...

 why children should not try smoking?

 After I stopped smoking, what would happen if I smoked socialy?
I used to smoke for like 1 year, now, all my friends smoke. What would now happen to me if I would smoke with them on the weekends? Would I become immediatly addicted again? Im not talking about ...

 which are best cigs to smoke?
which cigs have the least tar and nicotine i just started smoking marlboro are they better than B&H...

 I have very severe copd and 44 yrs old...what should I expect for life expectantcy?
I have been known to sneak a couple cigs when needed but I have an 11 yr old and scared to death of death and leaving my son. I am under alot of stress and just cant break totally free of the desire ...

 went on a 7 day cruise and haven't been right since has anybody been through these feelings?
I am expericing dizziness(lightheaded) my right ear burns and so does my head on the right side and i am having right side headaches and full head .headaches i hold my head to the right all the time ...

Which has worse second-hand smoke, cigarettes or marijuana?
I'm refering to the second-hand smoke caused by smoking a tobacco cigarettes compared to the second-hand smoke caused by smoking marijuana. More towards the effects they give to a child..

Well considering that tobacco kills about 5 million people a year in the world, and marijuana kills 0, i would say that tobacco is more worrisome than ol' reefer. Secondhand marijuana smoke might contain a very small amount of THC still, but its pretty much impossible for the effects to be felt by someone else thats not smoking.

They're probably about equal. The least I can say is hot boxing a cigarette won't get you high nearly as much as hot boxing marijuana. As far as health I'd say which ever one gives off more smoke. After all they are both just dried plants smoldering and those so worried about second hand smoke of anything should probably be more worried about their neighbors fireplace, car, and BBQ but either way, it's just picking a nail in a haystack.

Jillian Galloway
Tobacco kills 400,000 people every year in the U.S. while marijuana kills zero. World-wide, second-hand tobacco smoke kills 600,000 people a year while active tobacco smoking kills 5.1 million. Marijuana's world-wide deaths every year, from both active smoking and second-hand smoke, is zero. Marijuana *doesn't* cause cancer, heart disease, brain damage, liver disease, emphysema or death, and its addictive potential is about on par with coffee.


Cigarettes because they are made with a bunch of chemicals, toxins and rat poison. Marijuana also has bad effects [Some, including me, might say Good Effects.] but they're not as bad as Cigarettes. "It is Not a Drug, it is a Plant."

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