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 What causes a sore throat with painful lump feeling on swallowing?
I have a really painful throat when swallowing. Not the scratchy feeling, but the one where there's a really painful lump. I do not have swollen glands at the top sides of my neck, but if i ...

 Sore throat and no voice?
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 Do I have asthma ?????
Here's what happens to me most of the time:
-In church, when they tell all of us to rise. I won't be able to breathe properly (standing in one place for over 5 minutes) and feels like I...

 I am a 43-year-old salesman and my problem is my cough. I have taken so many antibiotics, but it’s still there?
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 What are symptoms of Pneumonia?
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 why do the air tubes in the lungs branch again and again until they are very small?
I have been studying these questions for quite a while and one question is why do air tubes branch again and again until they get very ...

 question about wheezing?
i'm 31 very athletic, have been smoking for about 14 years. not a heavy smoker though. i have been wheezing a lot in my chest for the past 6 months off and on a lot when i take in breaths. no ...

 where does your chest hurt when you have pleurisy?

 What happens to the lungs when they have been exposed to fiberglass. And now your coughing up blood?
My husband has been working with fiberglass, hes a union pipe fitter. At his new job he has been coming home swore, tried, and has developed this horrible cough especially in the mornings. And no he ...

 Trouble Breathing that is not noticeable in the morning and is terrible at night?
It seems like it get progressively worse as time goes on during the day. It is hard to get to sleep at night because my chest feels tight and i feel like my breathing is very limited. Once I finally ...

 What is considered heavy smoking?
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 About my breathing and coughing?
I have a bad cough. Sometimes its worse than others. Sometimes its hard to breath and my chest hurts and sometimes i cant even walk up the stairs. I cough so bad sometimes I cant breath and feel like ...

 can you give cpr to a person who is having as asthma attack. Can it help?

 How can i get my lung doctor to realize that i have asthma?
i have been sick since november of 09. it started out as just a really bad cough. my cough would get worse when i went out in the cold weather. i saw a lung doctor in march he wasn't sure what ...

 help me i had a lung infection?
what are the causes and treatment of lung ...

 Faint cheesy smell coming from my nose?
Why do I smell a slight foul odor coming from my nose when I rub it or blow it?
Smells like cheese or stinky feet.
Thanks in advance....

 Methacholine Challenge Test?
So I'm applying to West Point and have been DQed for asthma past 13. The waiver authorities at West Point have requested that I take this test to prove I no longer have asthma so they can grant ...

 Can asthma go away and then come back at an older age?
when i was little i had asthma and i "outgrew" it. now i am 13 and at night i cough and if i breathe out hard i wheeze sometimes. can it be thee asthma coming back? if not what else can it ...

When I exercise why does it feel like I can't get enough air into my lungs?
When I run sometimes I can't get enough air into my lungs and I feel like I can pass out sometimes. And at night sometimes I cough

its because all the rest of your muscles, leg muscles etc. have been stretched n warmed up while your warm up or while you get starting running where as your abs don't get stretched much and tighten especially when its a cold day, at night you may sleep in a cold room so your muscles tighten up so they don't loose as much heat. which then restricts the amount of air your lungs can intake.

Hmm. . .You may have asthma. Does asthma run in the family? Because my friend has asthma, and she can't run to much or she'll have an asthma attack. Check up with your family doctor to make sure.

What you got is Exercise Induced Bronchospasm(EIB). This occurs mostly in asthmatics but can occur in non-asthmatics as well.

EIB is a disorder that causes breathing problems during or after exercise. The exact cause of EIB is unknown. One theory is that rapid breathing during exercise causes the air tubes (airways) to dry out. When the airways dry out, they become irritated, which can cause the air tubes to tighten and get smaller (bronchoconstriction). Small air tubes make breathing harder. Another theory is that EIB is caused by bronchitis: injury to the layer of cells that line the airways caused by high flows of air moving through those airways during exercise. Research is ongoing to investigate these theories and to better define why EIB develops.

EIB can occur in people with and without asthma. About 80% of people with asthma will have EIB. About 5-10% of the general population without asthma will have EIB. Athletes have a much higher rate of EIB. In studies of Olympic and other elite athletes, EIB occurred in 20-50% of athletes without asthma. Many of these athletes did not even know they had EIB. People with allergies, sinus problems, or a family history of allergies are more at risk for EIB.

Breathing symptoms can range from mild to severe and can start during or shortly after exercise. The most common symptoms are:

Wheezing, Shortness of breath, Tiredness, Coughing, Chest tightness, Avoiding activity.

EIB can be treated effectively in the majority of cases. The best treatment for EIB is to use an inhaled medicine that opens the airways 15-20 minutes before exercise. These medicines quickly open the air tubes and keep them open for up to 4 hours. The most common "pre-treatment" medicines include Proventil ® (albuterol). If pre-treatment medicine does not work or if breathing problems get worse, consult with your health care provider.

A brief warm-up (break a sweat) for 5-10 minutes before exercise may also help prevent EIB. You should rest for 5 minutes after the warm-up.

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