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 I would like to know what could cure nasal congestion.?
I would like to know what drink you could quickly make at home to cure nasal congestion. Help please!! Thanks to all answers....

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What are the ...

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would it poison me? or would i get a chest infection or is it harmless?...

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i have blood in my snot when im blowing my nose for about a month now funny thing is that only my left nostril has blood not my right....i come from a country that is summer all year round and for ...

 bad cold - need to be better!?
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Runny nose too, Ive had cold like symptoms for about a month
Also have auto-immune disease ...

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 this sounds strange but my snot is orange/ brown ?
discussing i know but am really worried as i have never seen or heard any thing like this before,
can any body tell me what it is ?
its blocking my nose and is only coming out of one ...

a r
What is the Best Ayurveda or Sidda medicine for phlegm in chest?

love. myzrii
A Siddha Home Remedy for Phlegm in Chest - Source: online posting

For people with phlegm in chest the following remedy can work wonders. Useful for both the old and young alike.

100 gm of omam (thyme) is crushed and added to 500 ml of water. This water is then boiled and reduced to 200 ml. Filter the water and add it to 500 ml of coconut oil. Allow this mix to boil for some time (5 minutes approximately). Add 50 gm of camphor powder onto this oil. Now allow the oil to cool and filter and store in a bottle. Apply this oil gently onto the chest and back of the affected person. This helps to bring out the chest phlegm.

Also the following preparation can be taken internally. This will complement the above treatment.

Arisi thippili (piper longum), adhimadhuram (licorice), and akkara karam (Anacyclus pyrethrum DC) each 10 gm are taken and pounded together and the powder is then sieved using a muslin. Take a pinch of this powder and mix with honey. Take this paste this morning, afternoon and before going to bed.

If it is chronic condition you need to do prayanam especially kapalbhati daily 10 minutes. ( you can take guidance as to how to do it on astha TV channel programme by BabaRamdev.)You can also take a table spoon of chyvanprash twice daily with milk. Add garlic to your diet or take garlic capsules.

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