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 Describe the effects of pulmonary fibrosis in terms of what happens to the physiologival dead space & air-flow
What effects does pulmonary fibrosis have on the lamina propria & elasticity, partial pressure of oxygen in the lungs, tidal volume. What is the physical reason fot this change in the Po2? Why ...

 Can u tell me about harmful health threats caused by sand storms in united arab emirates?

 is there a lung disease called d.i.p.?

 do propane exhaust fumes cause asthma attacks?

 miliary tuberculosis?

 cause of fluid in lungs?

 what is infiltration of lungs? site me some examples.?

 Could exposure to tuberculosis lead to COPD?
A diagnosis of tuberculosis exposure,(a positive tuberculine skin test) was made 30 years ago, and treated with INH. COPD was diagnosed in the same patient 6 months ago. Could the tuberculosis ...

 Tuberculosis and Pregnancy?
I am under medical treatment of tuberculosis. I am pregnant. What is the risk of the following medicine to the fetus?


 different risks on having a dumpsite near a community?
for instance on health, livelihood, economy, ...

 where can I find "smoker's right" web site?

 What exactly happens when you puncture a lung, and how is it repaired?

 anything to stregthen lungs re:asthma?
I read somewhere that cherry bark cures asthma. Any idea where one could purchase that?...

 how often is considered as normal for a one year old baby to have flu per year?

 should you remove house plants if you have copd?
these do not ...

 How bad can Scarlet Fever get in children? How fast does it spread?

 how do I stop my water-y nose?

 what is left lower lobe collapse of lung? what re the problems?

 what is USUAL INTERSTITIAL PNEUMONITIS and any treatment for a 78 years old patient?

 what is silicosis?

What are the best states for people with copd to live in?

Have you asked your doctor? My grandma has copd, she lives in Southeast Texas.

I have copd.... My pulmonary doctor told me the ideal location to live with copd is any where it is cool every day of the year..Cool and dry...No season changes.
I asked where that might be? He said he didn't have any idea. But that is the perfect climate for a copd patient.

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