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 Bad pain when I swallow or yawn?
Hi, I had a cold last week and thought I was getting over it, I have stopped having headaches and being stuffed up.

But I have developed this symptom in the last few days and it's ...

 How can I get rid of cough?
I'm a severe asthmatic which at the moment is really bad. I Am taking regular nebulizers. I am very close to going to the hospital cuz while I can tolerate my limited breathing (I have what they ...

 I'm having chest congestion for the past one week.Went to hospital yesterday & was given Amoxicillin 500mg.?
Had that 2 days (prescribed for 7 days) thrice a day.Taking it along with paracetamol.(no fever now)Suddenly started coughing heavily with no phlem coming out. Any remedies for it?Called up NHS now ...


It is to create tension. so which is better for the aforementioned....

 Are people with asthma more at risk of getting lung cancer?

 Health effects of smoking 80 cigarettes a day?
My dad's been smoking since he was 13, he's 45 now and he smokes about 80 a day. He's quite healthy apart from a smoker's cough and he has the best immune system in the family, he ...

 Another collapsed lung?
About 5 week ago my lung collapsed, I had a chest drain and within a week as i was allowed out of the hospital. In the past week i have began to have the same symptoms/pains i have when my lung ...

 What difficulties are involved in making a diagnosis of asthma from an individuals signs and symptoms?

 Can stress cause sharp chest pains?
I've just finished year 12 at High School, and am currently doing my VCE exams, so I'm really stressed at the moment.
Yesterday I started experiencing sharp chest pains, to the left. I ...

 how to smoke shisha properly?
do you inhale or what? i have no idea what to do and im going to a shisha bar tomorrow night sounds daft but i need instructions ...

 My kitten is 6 Weeks old and has Diarrhoea PLEASE HELP :(?
Hi my new kitten is 6 wks old weighing just 0.8kg he's been with us a week now and still has diarrhoea, we put a de wormer liquid (spot on) on the kitten but he was allergic to it and started ...

 my 3year old son suffering with coughing, anti biotics, cough syrup nothing is working?
any ...

 what are the possible risks of swallowing water down into your lungs (wrong whole)?
I was drinking water and I took a sip and it fealt like it went down into the lungs should i be worried about anything?...

 If I sniff Weed Smoke, can I get high from the fumes...?!!?!!?
This is a total genuine question xD
A lot of my friends smoke weed and I'm getting kinda worried ;) ...

 can you take propranolol when you have asthma?
i suffer from depression and have panic attacks, the doctor has given me propranolol which belong to the beta blocker group. iv looked at the leaflet and it says do not take if you suffer from asthma ...

 why do i always feel sick in the morning?
i always feel sick in the morning and i dont know why? my stomach hurts really bad, and i feel nauseous. i cant even eat breakfast because i just feel disgusted looking at it and smelling it. this ...

 prevents blood movement from left ventricle to left atrium?

 complications of fast heart beat after asthma attack?
i had a bad asth,a attck last night i was sent to hospital but they said your heart is beeting really fast still. but what complecations could this have?...

 does anyone here have a sleep apnea ?
My husband has just been diagnosed with a sleep apnea. He has seen the respiratory therapist and been given a nose mask to wear when he sleeps.....We have all the info given to us and the advice was ...

 Dry cough, right lung pain?
I've had this cough for 4 days now. I've tried drinking tea with honey, breathing in steam, which does help a lot, but only for a short while, and even taking cough medicine, which didn'...

Week 6 of No Smoking!!?
I Just want to know if i'm over the worst of it now, i quit cold turkey and feeling good but scared to go out for a drink this weekend as i haven't been since i quit!!

I had that same fear after I quit, because drinking and smoking had always gone together. I tried drinking at about 8 weeks without any problems. It gets a lot better! I'm at 14 months now, and can drink without a problem, although I avoid like a bar situation, unless its a non smoking bar. I would suggest drinking in moderation, so that you can easily stop if it starts bothering you.

Karie gave sound advice.

I would highly recommend you avoid drinking,.. and further drinking and being around anyone who smokes. This will lower inhibitions, bring up strong associations of drinking and smoking going together, and if combined with the smell and sight of another smoking it is VERY often the straw that broke the camels back. I have seen, personally, many people who have quit for months and months relapse due to alcohol.

To put it in perspective, I am closing in on 2 years quit,.. and I still struggle if I drink. I'm sure you smoked a fair amount in the past when you drank.. so make this decision wisely. You don't want to waste your progress in a very hard endeavor for health just for a few hours of social drinking.

In time you can socialize with alcohol involved, but you are still very fresh/green/new to the whole 'non-smoker' world. Your psychological and even some physiological associations are still in tact in your mind/brain -- You will find out just how strong if you indulge in the alcohol and REALLY be struggling if any smoking is around you at all.

I haven't given in.. but with alcohol it is by far the greatest even this far out.

Good luck,

Pot Head
smoke weed its the best im attached to the pretty green. its good for u dont let anyone tell you other wise. Phuck haters smoke kush!!!!!!

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