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 why do you sniff salt water when you have a viral infection into sinus (why not regualr water)?
What does the salt do i mean its just salt, how does it kill bacteria and not your cells....

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I have been congested for 2 weeks now and it's not going away. What are some tips on makng it go away.

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 What are the hospital requirements for pneumonia?
& could you still be admitted if you don't have a fever?

Also, If you are in the hospital, do they suggest you use those simple oxygen masks?
/how do they treat it?...

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 Blood on my nasal mucus?
i had sneezing, runny and congested nose a week ago, now whatever mucus left whenever i sniff out my nose it has blood on it. i dont smoke and i do not work at a factory that will affect my lungs or ...

 Need help with cough?
I am under 15 years old. So it has been a week now, and I have cough, I take cough syrups too. But at night time, my coughing level is INTENSE. My mom could hear me next door, and has to come and get ...

 Got chest/back pain, high low blood pressure minutes apart (129/118, 88/39). Cant breathe well. What is it?
Extra quick breathing periodically, really super tired. quick heahaches and "brain popping" sensations, nausea. Thanks for any help....

 what really happens when you "snort" phlem from your throat.. where does it go?

 is this really dangerous?
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 Raw and sore throat remedy?
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 Just stopped smoking, need some pointers?
I'm 3 days of the dreaded cancer sticks, wasn't planed just went cold turkey.
Now I have this empty feeling in the top of my stomach, which I can't satisfy,
Also this want ...

 My sister has pneumonia, will she die?
she's had it for a few days now ): and her fever keeps getting higher then lower then higher. And my mom doesn't know anything and so is giving her a cough ...

 I want to know the reason for snoring and its treatment?

 i have had a huge buildup of mucus and i need help?
i used to smoke cigarettes frequently, maybe 4 a week, at most and i heard that it causes a buildup of mucus, is that true? i haven't had a cigarette fora week and a half, but i still have a lot ...

 How should I deal with congestion before bed?
coughing right before I fall asleep, it happens every night.

find a medication (or other solution) that will deal with congestion that I use take everyday (...

Claudia Kirby
Very sore throat, I cough when I have to swallow.?
Last Thursday I got a really bad headache. Then on Friday I had a sore throat and a headache and my stomach hurt occasionally. Then on Saturday morning I felt almost completely better, just a slight sore throat. Then by the evening I felt completely better and went to my friends disco. I didn't do much at the disco, sat down most of the time. Then at the end, I sang one of the songs with my friend. (not like shouting or anything just normal singing) I still felt fine the rest of Saturday night after I went home. Then on Sunday I woke up with a horrible sore throat and whenever I laid down I started coughing. Now, Monday morning, my throat still hurts like it did yesterday but I find I keep having to swallow my saliva like every minute and then when I swallow it makes my throat really tickly and I have to cough a lot. I no longer have a headache or stomach ache or anything though. I've had lots of drinks of honey and lemon. I have also had paracetamol. Neither helped at all. It's very painful when I swallow. Should I go to the doctors? Is there anything else I can try to make my throat better? Thanks for your help.

Bronchitus maybe? I'd get it checked out. Never a good feeling. :( Best wishes.

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