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The right side of my chest hurts when I breathe, Anyone know why?
It started this morning, I'm not out of shape, just saying.

If your right side of your chest hurts when you take a deep breath, then you probably have pleuritis(infection or irritation of the covering of the lung).
If you dont have any other symptoms than the above, then it is likely. Now the reason, if you haven't strained yourself or hurt yourself (rib cage) or overlying muscles,or exposed to chemicals(cleaning or detergents), then it is most likely viral, can turn into bacterial or lung infection, so take care.
Stay warm, dont expose to cool atmosphere, steam inhalations help, can take motrin with food every 8 hours for 2 days, as long as you dont have any contraindications,ask the pharmacist. If gets worse or doesnt subside, go to a doc for assessment.

The information provided here is to direct the patient to the right provider
and is not intended as a diagnostic or treatment measure by itself. So please
be aware that a direct,one-to-one, consultation with a doctor is necessary for
appropriate care.

n p
It sounds like bronchitis . But to make sure you should seek medical advice from a doctor. If you smoke or are around smoke a lot stop. Being around smoke is not good.

Love You
I'm so glad u asked this because this same thing had happened to me and it hurts bad at some points that I was hysterically crying. It was awful but just went away one day. I still have it occasionally. Good luck :)

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