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 Can i become a doctor if i have moderately bad asthma?
like 2 attacks or 1 attack a month. and i take my inhale r 3 times a day? to become like a pediatric cardiac nurse or orthopedic nurse or a respiratory nurse? i never questioned whether they would ...

 What are my health risks after smoking less than one year?
I have been smoking about a half pack a day average for about 8 months. I quit two days ago. What are my health risks ?...

 Does anyone else find the sound of a heartbeat gross and scary?

 Waking up gasping for air?
Just in the last 2 months or so, when I'm laying down about to fall asleep I wake up with a very quick, loud intake of air, always through my mouth. There's nothing scaring me awake and I ...

 is smoking tarragon leaf bad?

 tips on quitting smoking?
first off im 17, so thats bad enough. i started smoking the occasinal cig with my friends who smoke them very often. i enjoyed the way they made me feel, and that they took away anxiety. but i know ...

 Does somebody knows how to stop a snoring person ?
I been with this girl for more then a year, and we been ok mostly, but lately she's been REALLY annoying, she won't stop snoring, she snores facing up, on the side, she even snore while ...

 Is this tonsillitis...?
I have had a really sore throat for two days. I have completely lost my voice & I've had lozenges but they haven't done anything. I have white specks on my tonsils but they are not ...

 which organ is not affected by tuberculosis?

 Start with sore throat and then chest congestion, itching throat, cough with sputum, yellowish- cough once?
every 5 minutes. No fever; no fatigue. What might this be?...

 what could this dot be in my chest x-ray?
the other day i had to get a chest x-ray and today the doctor called with the results today and he said there is a dot on the bottom left of my ribcage, and thats all he would tell us. so anyways, i ...

I got a T.B test 2 days ago ( the one where they inject into the skin) and it turned out to be positive :(
Though the doctor told me that it can be the infection and not the bacteria and she ...

 Does this sound like a mild cold or Chest infection?
Here's my symptoms, just wanted to ask before disturbing the Dr.

Tired all the time,
Bit light headed
Pain starting in left rib when walking a few yards spreading to top ...

 Will I be able to take my septum out for a few hours?
I just got my septum done last week, and if I tilt my head up, you can see the silver in my nose quite clearly when it's flipped up.

I'm going out to lunch with my sister and I ...

 Does anyone know of any free programs to improve conditions in a house for a child with severe asthma?.?
My son is 3 and has severe asthma. He can't even ride his bike without the fear of hospitalization. We have to carry his medication everywhere or we can risk the worse. I need a program that can ...

 Why cant i breath right?
My chest hurts sometimes and i cant breath hardly at all. It last from anywhere about 10 minutes to an hour. Im a 13 year old girl. I don't have asthma or anything else like that, i don't ...

 Chest discomfort????????
Ok.. Im 23.. Im a girl... Im a lil over weight just to give those facts.. the last 2 or 3 weeks I have had discomfort in my chest. I have 2 kids so I don't have a lot of time to go to the doctor ...

 Coughing up yellow thick Phlegm for almost two weeks?
I went to the doctors and he said it was my asthma acting up..but everyone else in my family now has the cough including my 2 year old son..no other symptoms of cold..just nasty cough and yellow ...

 My mom has been the guardian over my disability since i was young and i have kidney problems. My mom?
won some lottery money and reported it to social security and my disability and medicaid was cut off. Because of this my mom has put me out because she found out that social security wants 7,000 from ...

 help i have anxiety attacks and im only 11?
hey u guys =[... i get panic attacks wen im in big crowds,meet new ppl,and wen im alone or something bad happens...im getting rly tired of this..its making me extremely depressed ;_; im 11 years old (...

Robitussin, how to not vomit.?
Hi, the other night me and my friend each drank a 4oz bottle of generic robitussin at 15mg (we drink the one long lasting cough that contains dextromethorphan as the only active ingredient). We both mixed it with mountain dew and downed it within and hour or two because we can't stand the taste of it by itself. The night was fun, I didn't hardcore trip or anything but I definetely felt the effect and it was fun and included many visuals. However once we finally fell asleep I woke up and went to the bathroom feeling extremely nauseous. I could feel the disgusting puke trying to force its way out of me but I absolutely ABSOLUTELY HATE vomiting, so i forced it to stay down... and I was also DRENCHED in sweat.. It was about a half hour of the worst feeling I had ever had! I wasn't prepared for this because I thought that gauf (guifenesin) was the active ingredient that was suppose to induce vomiting... I thought that as long as I stuck to straight dxm I would be completely fine... My best friend had the same amount as me also mixed with pop and she didn't get sick at all... I got the gel caps and I was hoping those wouldn't make me as sick because I was thinking that maybe the only thing that made me sick was the gross liquid that was sitting in my stomach all night but I might be completely wrong.. If anyone could give me insight on how to NOT get extremely nauseous or vomit that would be great! Thanks!

Maybe not abuse over the counter medications. Then you won't vomit.

Some people can handle DXM better then others. For instance, I have never vomited, but my best friend pukes every time.

Take 25-50mg of Benadryl (1 or 2 pills) to help combat nausea.

ā’øockā˜ Sā“¤ckula
Why not just drop some acid & call it a done deal.

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