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 Is their a way to tell if you are more susceptible to cigarette smoke damage?
I know many people in my family who smoke cigarettes their whole life and many of them live to be in their 90s and even 100s and they seem a lot healthier and stronger than most nonsmokers I know. M...

 What's wrong with my chest?
lately the left side of my chest has been causing me pain and it has spread to my shoulder. and now when i lie down the left side of my chest makes like popping noises can anyone tell me what this ...

 how to get rid of a cough in a week!! please help quickly?
i noticed over the past day or two that i feel like i have to keep coughing so eventually its made my chest hurt. theres no mucus or any of that this cough is mostly dry but if i exhale quickly or ...

 Should I go back to the Doc. now or wait a few more days?
I was diagnosed with strep throat on Wednesday morning I started a Z-pac Wednesday about noon we are now at Friday eve and I fell a little better how ever instead of both sides of my thought being ...

 Shortness of breath for the last three days.?
I have been having shortness of breath for the last three days. It helps to lay down & rest. Along with that I have sudden sharp pains in the back of the head, & chest discomfort. I have been ...

 How serious is Menigitis?
for a 5 month year old?? we took her to the hosiptal because she had a fever of 104. we took her last Sunday. she's still there. when we got in the emergency room we was talking to the doctor &...

 what is the success rate of having surgery on your sinuses?

 CT scan.Please help me?
I am 18 years old. I have heart prblems since birth and I attend a childrens hopsital. I have to go for a CT scan. I am soo scared I feel like crying. They say they are going to put cream on my hand ...

 Help..it hurts when i breathe!?
Ok well i went for a long 35k hike with a heavy rucksack containing sleeping bag and roll mat etc... and now it hurts wen i breathe in. I finished the walk like nearly 5 hours ago but whenever i ...

For 2 weeks I've become so obsessed with breathing, it doesn't seem automatic anymore. I absolutely CAN NOT think about anything else and It's gotten to the point where I have no idea ...

 I can't stop coughing!?
For some unknown reason, I have been having these coughing fits several times a day since april 6! Its been almost a month and i am still coughing horribly. I have never had coughing issues before (...

 sick and lungs...............?
ok am sick but not to bad just feel bad but my lungs really hurt bad every time i move or breath wrong what do you think it is?...

 Why doe this happen when I smoke?
Ok when I smoke ciggeretts I sometimes get headaches and have too go to da ...

 i was prescribed amoxicillin and was told i would feel better the following day but i don't, what else?

 if you have had the flu for 2 weeks is tamiflu ok to use?
the hospital has prescribed tamiflu everyday. I have viral pneumonia. it does make me nauseated and cough some....

 I have no sense of smell or taste after a very bad sinus infection. Will I ever get them back?
I got a very bad sinus infection back in the beginning of August. It's now the middle of November and I'm well over the sinus infection (which left me in September). However, my sense of ...

 I wake upevery morning with a stuffy nose?!?!?!?
Please someone tell me how to get rid of ...

 can i get a disease when i don't smoke?
because both my parents smoke and they smoke around me and smoke almost half a pack each ...

 PLZ HELP!! (smoking question)?
i have two questions about smoking... 1.what age can you legally smoke, im not asking about what age can you buy them im asking, if my dad were to buy them for me what age could i start without ...

 what is deviated septum?

Pneumonia keeps coming back to one of my family members, is that bad? what can he do to stay strong?
im worried. what can he do is there anything besides perscription meds that can help him, green tea? lung excersizes? anything? help!

I've had pneumonia 4 times and a partially collapsed lung. I'm 14 years old. I've had loads of tests done on me so the doctors could try and find out why I get it so often, but apparently I'm a part of the small percentage of the population that gets pneumonia frequently for no apparent reason. My immune system is just particularly weak when it comes to fighting off the bugs that cause it, I guess. I've had gazillions of antibiotics, along with other meds. But apparently I just have to deal with it that every winter, I'm probably going to get it. So your family member is probably like me, unfortunately. I heard somewhere that fresh sea air helps clear th elungs, and I must admit it did help me too. Plus tonnes of fruit, and vitamin pills.

My daughter would get pneumonia about four times a year every year. She was finally referred to an asthma and allergy clinic. She was diagnosed with mild asthma and has been on singulair every since and HAS NOT had pneumonia!!!! Try it.. it might work... Good Luck!

Sunshine outside and exercise and sterilize the room . Spay or use sulfur powder burning in a tin lid on the stove. Only a pinch at a time. Chickens die by the thousands with pneumonia and they have to clean and then burn sulfur. The germs are airborne and stick to the walls and materials.

I've always heard that once you get Pneumonia your septable of getting again, I"d say stay inside, and take the medicine that there doctor gave them.. It will take a while to feel better! I"m not a doctor or anything

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