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 what side effects are there from using a c-pap machine for sleep apena?? do people die, with and without it??

 What causes/cures fingernails that grow curved like claws?
As I get older, my fingernails tend to curve downward when they grow more than 1/8" long. I've seen references on several websites that this "may be an indication of serious heart or ...

 Will there be a cure for Asthma related illness soon?
My great nephew recently died after having a asthma attack. He was only nine years old. I want to know more and do more on his behalf....

 what is the drug Trental used for and what are the side effects?
is this used for circulation in the feet and legs? or perhaps for other ...

 what is meant by mild-to- moderate rejection of a transplanted organ?
does it mean the patient is going to reject the lungs completely...or can it be corrected with meds? my little sis got a double lung transplant about 3 months ago and I just received a note from my ...

 What is the word for putting someone on breathing life support? I think its called truncated. I'm not sure.

 What are medicines available for asthma?
medicines that could totally remove fluids from the lungs?...

 snoring+bad breath.what is the reason and solution?

 Terrible asthma, please help!?
Ugh, I've been having horrific asthma symptoms for over 2 weeks. I'm on an antibiotic for a sinus infection (which I get chronically and they always make my asthma worse), but it's ...

How long after having double pneumonia should i have breathing problems, I was in the hospital on dec19-22 i'm still having a hard time catching my breath and get really tired from not being ...

 How to eliminate the plegm in my nasal passage?
I got this cold for a week now and I have tried over the counter medicines that helped me temporarily. I also have visited a doctor because I had sore throat that last more than 3 days. The doctor ...

 how to warm up for singing even if your voice is suffering from laryngitis?
my voice still hasnt recovered fully from the laringitis for 2 months already, i went to the doctor and theres nothing to be alarmed. though my voice is still raspy but i have my head tone already. i ...

 Which is more harmful smoking or pollution?

 Hi, are there are there any other thin, fit women who have sleep apnea?
Hi, I am pretty petite and in good shape, but have mild OAS, and people are always surprised, including doctors!, that I have it, it was diagnosed during a sleep study at a medical facility....I was ...

 I need help typing a resume for a physicians office and do not know where to start?

 What would be the cause of throat bleeding & split uvula during placement of tracheal tube during surgery?
My husband had eye surgery last week and after the surgery was over they said that he needed an MRI because he was bleeding in his throat and his uvula split. What are they looking for?...

 Do cows snore?

 TB test help?
Form reads 1st step_______
and 2nd step________
and of course results. What goes on the lines after Ist and 2nd step?...

 What's the difference between viral and bacterial illness?

 What are the very beginning symptoms of bronchitis?
Also, could something like a recent oral surgery make a person more susceptible to getting bronchitis or some other lung disease?

Here's my symptoms:
tightness in the chest and ...

Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Therapy?
Why does my fathers oxygen concentrator smell? It has a burning smell..Is it dangerous?

sounds like something is overheating and can cause a fire
contact your supplier and get it replaced

Stop use and call the provider they should have another one within a few hours

I don't mean to be rude. Evidently he didn't just start using it today. Has it ever smelled like this before today? If it has not then there is probably something wrong with it. A burning smell is never good.

Turn the tank off now. He must have a portable tank he can hook up to for now. Call his supplier and talk to them They have someone on call 24/7 for problems. They will bring him a new tank right now unless he can wait until morning.

I just noticed you posted this question 3 days ago. Guess I am a bit late. WHY haven't you picked a best answer yet????

If it has a burning smell then he needs to stop using it ASAP and call the home health company he uses to get out there now.

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