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hi everyone!
i had this real bad cough frm abt 2 weeks!my throat didnt hurt a bit first!
but frm like 2mmorrow thhe cough had a bit gone and then i started my antibiotics, but now...OH THE P...

 how do you cure morning sickness?
sensitivity to the smell of food, dizziness, nausea, stomach aches, headaches, irritation, stress.....how do people deal with all of this???????...

 Swine Flu-- do I have it?
OK. So I didn't even consider that I had Swine Flu at first, but now I'm starting to wonder. On Thursday, I felt chest pain and had a little trouble breathing. It wasn't like normal ...

 Help with quitting smoking?
I'm 25 and have been smoking about a pack and a half for 7 years... My question is, is it okay if I have a smoke every once in a while to calm the nerves, or is it best just to go cold turkey ...

 my daughter has awful morning breath, what can i do?
my daughter's room smells so bad in the morning b/c she has bad morning breath, i have her brush her teeth and use mouth wash before bed and it still smells, is there anything i do?...

 if i am 13 and smoke for 1 or 2 years then stop.will it effect me?
kuz i will only do 1 a day and i only wanna try it 4 a while....

 how do you stop a 13yr old from smoking?
grounding him does not work....

 I'm sick and need help.?
I have the flu, the common headache, puking, my throat hurts, fever. etc. But my mouth gets really dry no matter how much i drink. What can i do....

 Coughing up blood and gray and green stuff...?
My boyfriend has recently gotten sick. He has the symptoms of what seems like a bad cold; coughing, stuffy nose, headaches, dizziness, hacking up flem, and his voice is all groggy. Well, yesterday ...

 how many people can't properly use inhalers?

 am i gonna get sick?
my seatmate has colds, and i think he spread the 'germs' and now i have colds and my throat hurts, my throat is REALLY dry and everytime i swallow it hurts. when i woke up, my head was ...

 How is it possible for urine to enter the lungs?

 Please, tell me something to make my cigarettes repulsive?
I'm trying to quit. I'm even taking two Chantix a day and I'm still lighting up. Its suppose to turn the nicotine reseptores off, but doesn't seem to be. I was smoking almost 2 ...

 how i can leave the smoking?

 My grandma is sleeping for 3 days without waking up how is this possible?
She's breathing and her blood's circulatting but when you talk to her or touch her she open's her eyes and then goes back to sleep....

 What age did you start smoking?
How did it affect you?
Would I get addicted if I smoke just ONE cigarette?
Im 15 by the way.....

 What would be some solutions to stopping students from smoking?

Thanks! :D...

 what causes your lungs to go bad if you smoke?

 why can't we breathe through our ears?
and why cant we breathe through our noses and mouthes at the same time?...

 Pneumothorax Question???
I know what it is... because i was diagnosed with it, but my question is.....is this something i will have all my life or just a temporary thing????...

My mom is snoring so loud, I cannot sleep. DRIVING ME CRAZYYY?
Should I just walk into her room and throw something at her to wake her up? ahhh crazy

Just stick her hand in warm water to make her pee! LOL! or tell her to drink warm milk and honey before she brushes her teeth and goes to bed.

tonight, go get your iPod and plug it in. turn it upp all the way.
when your mom wakes up, tell her because snoring could be a bigger problem [my mom snores, and it turns out she has sleep apnea, which is a disease where you stop breathing in your sleep. yikes.]
tomorrow night, go to your local walmart [you know, the cheap sam's club] and invest in some high quality ear plugs.

good luck.

Paper Perfect
yeh sweetie just punch her in the face or something

There are reasons why a person snores:

*Heart difficulty or other cardiac problems
*Lung difficulty or other respiratory problems

try earplugs, earphone, listening to music, going somewhere far from her. heck if that doesn't work then hit her or punch her or whatever you need to do!

I have that same problem with my hubby.. I just wake him up and tell him he's snoring to loud lol..

Grandmaster J
Lol, go nudge her and see if she'll roll over, that should stop it.

Joy M
Deal with it for tonight, then talk to her about her snoring tomorrow. Maybe she can try the Breathe Right strips or talk to a doctor about snoring problems. If all else fails, just invest in a pair of ear plugs, they're what I use when my roommates are being loud.

If you notice that there is a pause in her snoring and then a big snore tell her because that is called Witnessed Apnea.

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