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My daughter is smoking weed. What do I do? Please help?

you have the power to do anything. ground her for life.

Yolanda Y
well you should have a better relationship with your child. Find her interest beside the pot. Monitor by putting her in extra curricular activities. Invite her friends to your home and you get to know them. Do girl stuff with her. Ask her her goals.

Talk to her if that does not work have a Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff talk to her on the legal consequences it'll scare her straight even a Physician on the medical risks would scare her...

Honestly, im 14, i smoke weed everyday, my mom lets me only because she knows that i tryed alcohol and thizz one time and i dodnt like it so shes happy im smoking weed and not burning oles in my brain and drinking myself to death. Oh and shes 18... shes a legal adult, she can do whatever she wants and you cant do a THING. So my advice is deal with it and stop worrying. Wouldnt you rather have her smoking weed here and there than drinking or thizzing? ya...

Best thing to do is talk to her. Try a peaceful talk and don't yell at her, that will just make it worse.

talk to her

Well, it depends. How old is your daughter? If she's 16 or older I would very much suggest that you assess the situation before you decide to take advice from anyone on here. If she's coming into her own and is smoking pot, then she has made a choice; one of the fundamental things she needs to be able to do to grow up.

Another thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the facts and myths about pot in general, so that when you confront her (Which should be done in any scenario, sooner or later) about it YOU at least know what you're talking about and aren't spewing ignorant falsified information at your daughter who should look up to you.

It's been shown time and time again that the more liberties permitted, the higher the likelihood of independent thought and action, so don't feel like a failure as a parent or anything like that, because you're not. And it's more than likely that she made a choice; rather than succumbing to peer pressure, many parents haze this discrepancy in order to place the blame on someone besides themselves or their child. Don't do that.

My advice: Get off yahoo answers, inform yourself, and decide what would be best for your daughter as unbiased as you can. Remember, suppression leads to rebellion. The poster above me has put forth a horrible suggestion- through experience alone I can tell you that a monotonous grounding for life will do you nor your daughter any good. What she needs is the support of her mother, and I have no doubt that's what you'll be able to give

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