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 which bones protect the lungs?

 smoking or not smoking?
Ok, since I never been to the states..Just wanted to ask u this question...

Is it allowed to smoking in your hotel room? (in any Seattle, Houston, and Anchorage hotels) because my friend ...

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 I'm really sick please help!?
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 Easy way to stop smoking?
I'm looking for a simple and easy way to stop smoking. It doesn't have to be free/cheap, but I don't want to pay for it more than I would pay for cigarettes.
Any suggestions??...

 Why am i sick all the time?
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 My husband's nose is very itchy and he feels that he has to sneeze all the time are these symptoms of swine?

 what does "she gonna breathe on it foist" mean?

 my boyfriend says he quit smoking, this is his 4th clear day, why does he keep coughing?
he used to smoke a whole pack a day, and then this past monday he said he stopped. I tried to give him the one that i hid from him just as a test to see if he's really telling the truth here. C...

 I have a question about asthma?
So when I run in track fast like sprints when I am done it is hard for me to breathe for a while. It feels like my airway is just getting smaller and so are my lungs. Is this just from exercising ...

 Blood tests and marijuana?
i went to the doctor and they took some blood to tests for viruses and such...i smoked marijuana.about a week before...will it show up or does it depend if they are looking for it or not?...

My chest gurgles when i breathe in - What can cause this?
I have had a cough for a few weeks but this is a new one!!!

It seems to be when i take a deep breathe in, my chest gurgles - Its not sore - although last night i did have some chest pain.

I am only 22... Does anyone know what might be causing this or ever experiences similar symptoms?

It could be your stomach gurgling. When you take a deep breath your diaphragm is pushing down and causing the gurgling.

Only had this when I've been smoking too much although in your case it could be an early indication of bronchitis. Get it checked to be on the safe side.

i think you have a chest infection go to the doctors!

gurgling sounds are caused by air mixing with fluid.

your cough has given you pneumonia !

Fancy Nancy
You could have Bronchitis . It just means that you have to dee a doctor and get an antibiotic or a decongestant.

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