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 Why do I keep getting short of breath??
I am a girl, 18 and naturally slim. Latel though, I have started having breathing problems. It feels like my lungs don't want to expand as much as they would normally. I keep having a very ...

 My mother has emphysema?
My mother has been prescribed steroids does anyone know why. Manxbike Thanks for that. Unfortunately my mother has flushed them down the loo telling me she is not taking them. I am wondering what ...

 What do these symptoms correspond too?
For nearly 3 days I've felt horrible. I've had a random cough (my chest tenses first) Then I have to cough really violently about 3 times and this hurts my lower chest where my diaphragm is,...

 What is it that is going on with this?
I went to the doctor about 8 days ago with a very tickle cough, she listen to my chest and all was clear, and i also told her i had ringing in my ear and she said that was clear and there was no ...

 hot water bottle on chest?
is it ok to give a 10 yr old hot water bottle to put on his chest? as he is wheezing alot... my sis says you shouldn't put it on the chest.. is this true.. and any tips to loosen phelgm ...

 Asmatic coughs.... help :S?
Okay i have acid reflux i don't know if this has anything to do with it i don't have ashma never have.. however every time i lay down to go to sleep i wake up 10 minutes later with an ...

 Sinus pressure keeps building, pain...?
I have had incredibly irritating pressure building up behind my left eye over the past few days and now its starting to hurt, i have also experienced other symptoms such as a constant build up of ...

 started using a nasal spray and suedafed on tuesday.and started getting yellow fluid coming out my nose.why?
okay i started taking sum nasal spray on suedafed on tuesday and been taking it since... and 2day ( thursday) i woke up and my left nostril which is clear.. started running, with a yellow fluid ...

 i have joined a smoking cessation group, my co2 was 30, yet other peoples was between 2-5, ??
other people in the group were between 2-5, i was last to get done and it was 30, is this a dangerous level?? i want genuine answers, no jokes please....

 What's it called?
whats that like cough thing and it sounds like langivitus how do u spell it?...

 I have a cold for a couple days and now its hard to breathe?
its a lot of pain in my chest when i breathe....and when i try to take a deep breath i start coughing and it makes the pain 10 times worse....

 nicotine patches?
i have a load ov nicotine patches but some ov them have a use by date that have passed r they still ok to use?...

 am a sufferer of g6pd and no gp seems to know what it is can you explai?
a blood related ...

 What is the cause of someone sneezing or coughing when I begin to speak are talk it's like they are having a?
allergic reaction to something that's in my mouth? I'm not the one that's having the reaction it's every one else it even happen when they are across the room I do have some tooth ...

 really feel like rubbish ;/?
i've got a stuffy nose, and the edges are red and cracked from blowing and sneezing too much. my ear feels full of liquid so i can hardly hear anything. & i'm up at this time of the ...

 what is the air pollution?

 How long are germs infectious in the air, once someone has coughed, spluttered or sneezed?
david g: Yes I have been 'spluttering & splattering' - but I've tried very hard not to do it 'all over the place'! But the worst seems to be over now!...

 Can smoking 2 cig every few months damage your health? If so, to what degree?
Sorry to clarify I mean cigarettes not cigars ...

 is this normal?
i have recently quit the cigs and got really bad cold, having chest pains and coughing green mucus up. is this normal specially with quitting smoking. i am going to make appointment for docs tomorrow,...

 has anyone had polyps in their nose and what treatment !?
hi i think thats what ive got just one but has got big feels like i have a cold all the time ! thanks!...

Rebecca K
Lump in throat? hard to breathe?
It feels like there is a lump in my throat making it hard to breathe when i cough nothing happens it still feels likes it is there. Please help.

red devil
hiya, get it check out asap.my dad had that and it was cancer.he left it to late to see a doctor.he though it would go away.so sadly he died,he was only 51yrs old.your might not be,but don't take any chances.

Are you stressed? This sounds like a condition called 'globus hystericus' and is a feeling caused by stress. Does it disappear when you swallow only to reappear when you stop? Then it is definitely the above. If it is really constricting your breathing then you should seek professional advice.

If it is getting worse by the minute or hour, you should go to the ER immediately or better, call 911. If you think you might have eaten something you're allergic to. Chew 25-50mg of Benadryl and keep checking on it.

get it checked out as soon as possible it is probably nothing but dont take any chances

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