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 i quit smoking 3 weeks ago?
i quit smoking cold turkey 3 weeks ago but im really cravin a cigarette will 1 cigarette do any harm plus ive gone threw some withdrawals like coughing stuff up chest pain thts all gone i was just ...

 Accidentally swallowed/inhaled a small piece of foil, should I be worried?
The other day I swallowed a small piece of foil, after accidentally breathing it in, I have notice quite a mild sharp pain in my rib area, when I cough or move in a particular way, I was wondering if ...

 I would like to know what could cure nasal congestion.?
I would like to know what drink you could quickly make at home to cure nasal congestion. Help please!! Thanks to all answers....

 Do I Have Exercise-Induced Asthma Or Am I Just Out Of Shape?
I'm fifteen and have never been diagnosed with any asthma or allergies.
When I run, like at school the other day I had to run about 1.5 miles, after about 2 minutes of running semi fast I ...

 i get chest pains sometimes?
At random times I get a pain in my heart, or around that area, when i breath in a lot. but I'm only 14... it occurs about every week and for about 10 seconds.
To stop the pain I breath ...

 What's up with my throat?
I woke up on Monday with what feels like a big lump in my throat, and I thought it would just go away.
But I've still got it, and it really hurts to swallow and yawn..? It feels like I ...

 Antibiotics not working?
I woke up on Wednesday morning with an ear infection, knew right away what it was, but OW.
So I went to my doctor, and she was hesitant about perscribing me antibiotics, because apparently in ...

 Should I remove my tonsils ?
I'm having pains with my right tonsil which also has a hole in it, and often pains for over one year now. GP's reliability who I just visited is awful, and although, I have visited ...

 I had very poor asthma management for decades. I never used anything but a rescue inhaler 8 times a day?
and I smoked for 10 years (I am 43). Finally I got my act together and I quit smoking last year and am taking advair now. My lung capacity it up to 80% from 50% and I feel fine.
What are the ...

 i am dependant on nasal decongestant spray, i think its called rhinitis medicimentosa, what can i do ?

 why am i getting chest pains?
a few months ago for a periods of about a week and a half whenever i lent forward or to the side i got a dull ache in my chest..now its happening again only when i lean back..it doesnt hurt when i ...

 Are prematurely born children more likely to have learning difficulties?

 what happens if i spray lots of perfume into my mouth?
would it poison me? or would i get a chest infection or is it harmless?...

 Does gurgling salt water really help for a sore throat? How does it taste?

 blood when blowing my nose for a month now?
i have blood in my snot when im blowing my nose for about a month now funny thing is that only my left nostril has blood not my right....i come from a country that is summer all year round and for ...

 bad cold - need to be better!?
anyone know some tips on how to get rid of a cold, QUICK? ive had symptoms for about 2 days now but today it was really bothering me... (sore throat, runny nose & sneezing)
i need to take a ...

 Out of breath all the time? I close my mouth for 5 seconds to chew food and then im gasping?
Runny nose too, Ive had cold like symptoms for about a month
Also have auto-immune disease ...

 Can a doctor see lung capacity on an xray?

 Released from hospital?
I was released on the 18th August from hospital with a cist on my diaphram which is quite large & extrememly painful, the consultant mentioned that they were going to have a discussion with other ...

 Can a whooping cough cause a late period?
Over a month ago i started to get a really bad cough that was really bad at night and continued through the day, i was loosing breath, not coughing anything up and feeling constantly sick and this ...

Is marijuana worse for your lungs than cigarettes.?
When you compare a single joint to a single cigarette, which causes more damage to your lungs? Which would do more harm over time considering how pot smokers smoke less than cigarette smokers? What about when you compare a bong or a bubbler to a cigarette?

I think it's kind of evened out.
- You hold the smoke from marijuana in your lungs for a lot longer than a cigarette
- Marijuana has a lot more tar than cigarettes
- Some people can smoke up to 2 packets of cigarettes a day
- You're probably going to smoke cigarettes more often than weed
Smoking weed and tobacco is much worse than just smoking one of the two. I smoke both, but a lot of the heavy weed smokers I know only smoke weed, they might have one or two cigarettes a month.
I think overall if you're a heavy marijuana smoker (smoking at least 2-3 times a day on average) for a long time, I'm sure this will be worse than smoking cigarettes.

Marijuana is worse because the smoke is stronger and you hold it in longer. But as you say, people are likely to smoke more cigarettes than joints, if you're just a social smoker the risk from cigarettes is low but if you're smoking three packs a day it starts to build up with time.

Well, there isn't a filter to protect your throat from the intense heat.
I suppose you are wondering because of the number of puffs as compared to the intense inhaling of the joint to the ciggy. Compare that to the risk of a fine if you got caught and well, I dunno.
I heard that it is good for pain...I tried it just after an operation on my foot and it didn't help at all.

Guy with face
single joint if smoked by yourself is gunna be worse. but in the long run you will smoke many less joints and thc is an anti-carcinogen so there's very little chance of lung cancer. Bong and bubbler are more healthy than cigarettes because the water cools down the smoke and filters out some tar

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