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thanks it would be strongly appreciated !


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 could you please help me?
i have a sore throat and a loss of voice, i also have a Little cough too, does anybody no any good home remedies thanks....

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 Quitting smoking today any advice?

 How can I stop Snoring?
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 Do I have the Swine Flu?
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 is there a cure for being ticklish?
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 Has any ex-smokers quit by gradual reduction method?

 i just got an inhaler do i shake before use?
jus wondering cause i have no clue and it doesnt say on ...

 My baby can't breath. Please help me!?
I have asked this question before but I am hoping someone new can see my question.
I live in Kentucky and my 18 month old son has severe asthma and allergies. His main triggers is fragrences ...

 What is the desiese called that killed Bernie Mac?
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 I can hear unnormal things?
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 Is smoking tin foil dangerous?
lately, I've caught my children smoking drugs from pipes made with tin foil. Now, should I worry about my children getting worse conditions than the ones already onset by drugs. What diseases ...

 why is my chest feeling like this?
well after smoking some weed with some friends yesterday,
my heart began to bump and throb and hurt.
the pain goes away and comes back every couple minutes
and i went to the hospital ...

Lindsey R
Inhaled Bleach Cleaner, HELP?????
i was cleaning my bathroom this morning and i inhaled bleach cleaner, now i have a asthma like cough, what should i do?

are u effin kidding me! go 2 the doctor or call poison control DUH!!!!!!!!!!

I have inhaled some nasty products too, bug spray in my case. My lungs were sore but it went away. And there's not much you can do about it anyway.

If it continues, you might want to go to a doctor or call poison contol. But they are probably going to tell you exactly what I'm telling you, though it might ease your mind.

Your body usually has a natural way of cleansing itself of toxins. Drink plenty of water, and Vitamin C also helps repair lung tissue, and this tissue regenerates realtively quickly, as you breathe in toxins every day. Your lungs are designed to purge a certain amount of toxicity and foreign agents. You shold be fine tomorrow.

It's not like you were working at ground zero or something, so I would't worry yourself too much.

But in the future, NEVER mix chemicals when cleaning. I think bleach and Comet is a common toxic combination. People have died from that, usually because they pass out and are still exposed to the toxic fumes, when they can't get away.

If it was fatlly toxic, your body wouldn't have even allowed you to inhale, like water or smoke! You would have passed out or run out of the room!

drink plenty of fluids


call poison control

go to the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Miss Sunshine
Call the poison control center!!! I hope your alright!

Kennie G

Nicole H
open the window bathroom

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