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I wake up sometimes out of my sleep, gasping for air. I feel Like my airway is blocked and I can't get air.It
feels like i'm choking. I went to my Dr. for my yearly exam and told him it still happens since last visit. He put me on Pulse OX machine and the test showed I have no apnea. He said My blood Presuure is Normal, No Diseases, No high Chloestrol. His Wordswere " You are in good Health". Well I don't know why This happens to me. It's scary. Is it Normal? I do smoke cigarettes. I don't use drugs and I drink only on Ocassions. My Doc never did explain to me why this happens. Thanks

it sounds to me like you have sleep apnea. your doctor should have scheduled you for an over night test. maybe you should talk to another doctor and have him/her schedule you for an overnight sleep apnea test.

Might want to just go see an ear nose and throat doctor just to be on the safe side. I have had this happen a couple times myself. It typically happens to me when my sinuses are draining real bad or i am very tired.

Sounds like apnea. Did you do the overnight test? If not, Could also be congestion from the smoking. Try to stop. You might have a mucus buildup that sticks in your throat. Try sleeping with an extra pillow or 2 to elevate your head. Hope you feel better.

this happens to me when im anxious as i suffer with anxiety..it wakes me up and i run into the loungeroom thinking im dying and i fidn it hard to breath ..its horrible ..im used to it now..im sure mine is from anxiety as they say you can have panic and anxety while you sleep and this is what happens..you feel like you have stopped breathing..but im not sure if i do or not...i know my heart races for 10 minutes after it

????? A Pulse Ox machine just measures your oxygen level, and that your brain is getting enough oxygen, AT THAT MOMENT. That doesn't tell anything about when you are asleep. That has NOTHING to do with your problem. Your symptomssound very much like sleep apnea.

Get a second opinion from another doctor, someone who will order a sleep study. Sleep apnea is a serious problem. if you have it.

It does sound like sleep apnea. You need to go to a pulmonologist and have a sleep study done so they can monitor you. I had one done and found out that I have mild obstructive sleep apnea. I wear a CPAP machine when I sleep. It keeps the airway open so you don't wake up gasping, which is what i did when I slept.

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