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 what can cause me not to sleep at night. i dont smoke or even have coffee?

 how is sleep apenia managed?
about a week ago, i had a slight attack of sleep apenia that lasted 45-60 seconds. since then i worry every night that it is going to happen again. what if the next one is serious. i need some ...

I wake up feeling like I can't or have not been breathing.?
ok this started like 5 or 6 months ago and it started happening every once in awhile. Basically I would fall asleep with no problems and I would wake up feeling like I am sinking way down in myself and having to wake up and bring myself back out. I know that sounds dumb but that is really what it feels like. Now since then it has gotten a little better cause it seems my body has adapted and I no longer go so way down and I wake up before it gets so bad. I wake up everynight 3 to 5 times a night feeling like my lungs have colapsed and I sit up and take in a big breath of air and I can feel my lungs crackle and inflate in my back. Sometimes I can't even take in air right away or it takes a few breaths to get them back to normal. The worse episode I had is I woke up feeling like i was about to die. The right side of my stomach was spasming painfully and it felt like my bladder was gonna explode but I could barely pee and it was like that for hours after. I also had a very hard and slow heart beat, it basically pounded slowly in my chest. I did go get a sleep study done and they said I slept good but during the study I felt like I slept horrible and I did not have a episode. so idk what is going on, I am on anxiety medication because my doc thinks that is causing it but they are not helping. The only thing that kinda helps is taking sleeping pills. Over the counter ones don't work anymore. The only ones the work are lunesta but ever since my problems have changed I am scared to take fearing I won't be able to wake myself if I go to far down. I do not snore so idk if its sleep apnea but I am now noticing that I wake up from these episodes and my left arm almost always feels alseep. plz help thx **** thanks for the answers everyone*** ok well i always try to sleep on my side and I always end up on my back, I even tried putting a lot of pillows behind me and it never works. Also my doc gave me xanex to and I took it like 30 mins before bed and It felt the same way to me, it felt just strange like this ship was going down and I didn't really sleep any better because of it.

Crys M
It's sleep apnea, yes, but you could also be having a circulation problem that seriously needs to be addressed. You should try sleeping on an incline as this will help alleviate some of your symptoms, though if you're having difficulty breathing while on your back, you should try your side or your stomach as alternative. Consult a different doctor if the one you're seeing isn't providing adequate treatment and do it soon. You could have more serious underlying problems that need to be treated sooner than later. Hope that helps. g'nite.

I had similar sleep issues. My doctor gave me anxiety meds (Xanax). It works fine if I take it at least 5 hours before bedtime. If I take it any later, it actually makes my sleep issues worse.....I felt like I was fading into death instead of sleep. Plus, I'd wake in morning feeling extremely tired, like I needed 8 more hours of sleep. My doctor also recommended exercising more and losing some weight.

This disease called sleep apnea(don't think that is how you spell it) BUT it is where you sleep and while you sleep you stop breathing. It could the for 30 seconds or 3 minutes or longer really. I Truly recommend seeing a doctor. With your symptoms it sounds serious.

It sounds like sleep apnea. I have that condition. I need to wear a CPAP machine each night to make sure that I don't stop breathing. You need to ask your doctor if you have this problem. I will provide a few links that you're able to ask your doctor about. You should also consider wearing the breath right nasal strips, and see if this helps with your problem.

Mandy H
it sounds exactly like sleep apnea, see a doctor and you'll get a CPAP or BiPAP machine which will provide ventilations in case you stop again.

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