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 help!! i snore badly i have tried the breathe right strips and the throat spray, didn't work, any suggestions?

I have a lot of phlegm in my chest ive taken antibiotics and it doesn't seem to go away...?
does anybody know what i could have? whenever i have a halls drop it makes me better for that time being. and i especially get mucus in the evening time and i cough quite often... but i don't think it's too serious because i don't really have any other symptoms.. my sinuses would be the most.. I guess.

Sounds like a sinus infection from seasonal allergies or bronchitis. My daughter has had both, and sometimes they are hard to know which is which.

She coughed when she laid down the most. She took an inhaler and a 'Z' pack, which is a 5 day antibiotic, and she had to take steroids for swelling in the lungs! (All from the Doctor perscription) Get a second opinion before you end up with an pneumonia!!!

You need to buy some mucinex or a store brand it works wonders for sinus infections and chest congestion but give it a few days.

Have you tried a mucus removing or thinning product?
You can buy them over the counter in pill form. It helped me a lot.

Also, if you can get someone to beat on the sides of your back and chest, that will loosen the congestion. Have you ever seen a respiratory therapist in a hospital do this? They will start kinda low on one side of the back and use both hands, with the hands cupped and sort of slap the back. the cupping of the hands keeps it from feeling like a slap. They do this all up and down one side, then the other. Then your chest. It helps the mucus break up and come up so you can cough it out of your body.

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