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 i have continues whistling when im breathing what can that be?

 Silent aspiration...?
My son was diagnosed with dysphagia, I have to thicken his liquids all the time because he has a problem with thin liquids, the thin liquids goes to his lungs not all the time but he did aspirate a ...

 Any answers would help?
I take of a lady with copd. She uses Spiriva and has a nebulizer if Needed. Here doc started the spiriva 4 months ago and she always needs her nebulizer even after using spiriva. Is it ok to mix ...

 can i not kiss for 6 months if i got mono?

 Has your doctor ever put you on singulair & claritin at the same time?
I have been on singulair for a few months now & my asthma doc put me on claritin to take with the singulair the other day. Is that safe?...

 How Do You Correctly Inhale When You Smoke CIgarettes?

 Has anyone ever heard that some scented candles give off more second hand smoke than cigarettes?
I read that somewhere, a few days ago. Anyone familiar with this, or any comments?...

 i failed the x ray test..maybe i hav spots in my lungs.wat shud i do? its a requirement to get my dream job?

 can you smoke pot out of a hookah?

 Can you drink acholol if have bronchitis?

 how is cough syrup taken?
specific ...

 what is the name of test that is used to measure the ratio of lecithin-sphingomyline?
i want to know the exact name of lebortory test for lethin-...

 I had cholesteatoma remove 2 months ago.now I have a dry couth is theher any connection hear?

 If one is on a ventilator, is it possible to do thing like swallow, blow your nose and cough?

 i dont have tb right?
ok..so i got a tb test. And the needle was small and obviously when they put the needle in there was some blood. i got it yesturday/6-26. and im going back tomorrow 6-28. But now that little drop of ...

 I have benn taking Celexa meds for three days 5ml. But I feel swollen and gassy. What would cause this?

 i have pain in my throat when i cough.is this asthma related should i be seen by a doctor?

 Is the Helios Liquid Oxygen system as good as it sounds?
My aunt is pretty much confined to her home b/c her O2 bottles are too heavy for her to manage. The Helios portable liquid o2 system looks great - small, lightweight, quiet, and covered by insurance/...

 Sinusitis/Rhinitis + Asthma driving me crazy.?
It seems like I can't escape them wherever I go or how many meds I take. I think the Sinusitis / Rhinitis is the worse of them all.... it is so bad that people have commented that I speak as if I...

 how to improve my breathing in this polluted world?

Jessica H
I cant get rid of the hiccups?

Tell your hiccups that you are taking a bus ride. When your hiccups aren't expecting it, dump them off the bus, and go home.

murray b
Bend over and drink out of a glass upside down, to where the opposite side of the glass(the side furthest from you when you're standing upright) is against the inside of you're upper lip. It works for me every time.

try drinking water or sumthing and taking 9 swallows of it. that usually works for me. or if you are scared or sumthing they are suppossed to stop but you cant really scare yourself...

Kim Possible
Try lemon juice or hold your breathe

Grace Carolyn*
hold your breath and get a big glass of water and drink it :D

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