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 I've just been coughing a lot for like 3 weeks now and my cough won't go away? ANY THOUGHTS WHY?

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 I've had a really bad sore throat all this week but no other symptoms...?
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 ugh,what am i sick with?
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 chest pain whilst breathing?
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 I need help. I've been to the doctors but nothing.?
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 How can I get a chest X-Ray?
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 What can I do for congestion!?
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 why is it important to breathe thru your nose while exercising?

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 mold on my nasal spray?
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 Chest pressure & hard time breathing, What could it be? Spent 2 days at the hospital and its still there.....?
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 Should I see a doctor for my cough?
I have had a dry (a little mucus comes up but it has been clear so far) cough for the past week. My chest is constantly tight, I have 'coughing attacks' where it's hard to catch my ...

 I cant stop coughing and dont know what to do....Need advice?
I began coughing in october of 07. it is now march of 08 and im still coughing. went to the dr, and put me on allergy med. every once in a while the cough returns and doesnt stop for days. this is ...

I've been sick for 3 weeks. With a cycle of Sore throat, no voice, and cold and consistent croup cough Help me?

You could have a number of things including Laryngitis which is caused by inflammation of the larynx, resulting in loss of all or part of the voice. Pharyngitis also inflammation of the throat, but accompanied by dryness and pain and loff of part or all of the voice. Bronchitis which again is an inflammation of the air passages between the nose and the lungs, including the windpipe or trachea and the larger air tubes of the lung that bring air in from the trachea. Whatever it is, you really need to see a doctor and get on a proper course of medication before it becomes worse. Three weeks is far too long to have this for.

butterfly fairy
I have the exact same symptoms minus the no voice. I think I have bronchitis so I am going to the doc tomorrow. But I was reading if your sick longer than 2 weeks see a doctor. So ya you should see a doc.

I know a website that helped me tremendously with my cough and sore throat. Click on Health Tips www.thebodytellsyou.com Good luck

Alyx H
You could have laryngitis. I'm just getting over it right now, and I had the exact same thing.

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