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 My brother tried to get me to start smoking again?
i quit 30 days ago, i haven't had a craving in about 2 weeks, when ever i get "UP SET" or "MAD", my younger brother "THINKS" that i'm nicking out, but i'm ...

 Ibuprofen and Asthma Question?
Ive been suffering from really bad headaches all week and the doc has given me Ibuprofen 200mg to take because paracetamol isn't touching it, anyway because i have asthma she told me that it ...

 Can you insist that a doctor sends you to someone else?
I've had throat problems for 9 weeks, seen 2 doctors, been on 2 types of anti biotic, 1 nasal spray and allergy tablets and possibly every natural remedy i've heard of for throat problems ...

 I have a cough, sometimes called a cold.?
Whenever I am out these days I cough a bit more so I buy what I need to and get in quickly. It's gone on for a few weeks. Why do I cough more?...

 Sore throat/ear but only on left hand side?
The last 3 days or so, I've had a sore throat and earache down my neck a bit, but only on the left hand side. The right hand side does not hurt at all. I took a flashlight back there and it is ...

 Chest hurts when breathing deep, after skiing?
just happened right after i finished skiing from 9:00am to bout 3:00pm.

Whats happening?...

 Can you insist that a doctor refers you to someone else?
I've had a throat problem for nearly 9 weeks: irritated throat, constant throat clearing, difficulty speaking, throat clearing after a few words spoken, feeling of liquid or something in the ...

 I'm still not sure what I have wrong with my throat?
I've seen 2 doctors and had it for 8 weeks. I think it's either vocal nodules or a post nasal drip.
Symptoms: irrtated throat, constant throat clearing, the feeling of something or ...

 Inside of my chest feels like it is burning?
I have no flu symptoms, I am not coughing, I don't have sore throat or anything like that, just a burning sensation on my chest, what could it be? I'm scared it could be pneumonia?...

 Asthma controller doesn't help when I am around triggers?
My asthma trigger is strong scents, and my control medication isn't working. My doctor is clued out and is actually REDUCING my control medication. Does anyone have any solutions for my problem?...

 Best remedies for post nasal drip?
also constant throat clearing? I have a nasal spray and i gargle salt water and i've tried manuka honey. Suggestions?...

 Sometimes i see blood in my spit nd i dnt know where it comes from?

 Help. Panic attacks...?
Since my dad got taken into hospital 3 days ago, Ive been having AWFUL panic attacks. Ive never suffered with them before, but here are my symptons:
Going hot, then cold,
Trapped gas ...

 blackouts when getting up and walking?
at home when i get up i will start to feel light headed then when i get to the door way i black out,. and end up having to hold myself up on the door. why is this happening, it's getting ...

 Has anyone any advice for continual sweating in bed and walking about, I have had it some years but its quite?
severe now and Doctors say there is nothing can be done for body sweating. I can change my vest 6 times in as many hours, its mainly my ...

 What is wrong with my chest?

I have had a bad cough for about 1 week and a half now, but ever since Monday my chest has been hurting,the pain is like in the middle . It feels like when you get bruised ribs from ...

 on boxing day i was diagnosed with pneumonia have i gone bk to work to early?
i was taken to hospital on boxing day and diagnosed with pneumonia, i was not hospitalized but sent away with amoxazillin, i had 1 week off work and started back this monday i work in a very cold ...

 would my inhaler be causing my panic attacks?
I only ever used the blue inhaler for my asthma which I have had for ten years.Since going on to use the brown steroid one I have had repeated panic attacks. Would it be the steroids causing this....

 how to treat recurring sinusitis?
hi. i'm having a problem with my sinuses and just need some advice. i have a docs appointment but its not til friday. for about the last 6 weeks i have had a cough. this was dry in the beginning ...

 Why is it important that the circulatory,digestive,respiratory system all work together....?
...to main a healthy body (it didn't fit in the question lol)...

How to stop coughing every second?
i need to go to college today but i've got an hour and a half exam, how can i make sure i don't cough every second so i wont be able to concentrate and will also distract everyone else?

Stella Hughes
Drink plenty of water, and if u hav phleghm, try n get it out as much as u can b4 the exam- Neva swallow that **** man- it's infection. Finally- remember in 5 very, very short years ur Gona b 21 like me- working- and u won't even remember this silly cough or exam ok? So th only way ur Gona get thru this exam and do the best for you-I'd by coughing freely. Loudly if u will. The only thing that wil **** ur exam up the *** is ut self consciousness. Don't woz bout ne1 else-u won't remember them either so jus get ur head down n focus xx goodluck

try to drink some warm milk with honey before breakfast

Simple thing is that take a cordal flu with cough capsules. But if it is s allergy problem then take claraton tablet. I think you got alergy problem

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