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Tony T
How to get rid of itchy throat causing coughing?
I recently got sick because I was playing basketball outside with a couple of friends. My throat itches a little right now, and is the reason why I'm coughing. So far, there is no phlegm. Just an itchy throat which causes my cough. Are there any home remedies or things I can do to help get rid of it?

First of all, your mouth is really dry so the best way is the drink a lot of water. it works for me.

that might be the sign you're getting a sore throat. try gurgling with warm salt water to prevent sore throat. take vitamin c and drink plenty of water. i don't know any home remedies, but i found fisherman's friend tablets (the original flavor) really help to relieve the itchiness.

put scope & goggle it! dont swallow. it should help.

good luck

If you are sure that the itchy throat is from playing basketball than I would suggest Chloraseptic throat spray. It comes in a couple of flavors and cost around $4.00. You can buy it over the counter from any drug store. Sometimes you can get an itchy throat from allergy's and I first thought that when you said you were outside playing ball.

Also, I want to encourage you to drink more water when your playing basketball because your sore throat can be caused from you breathing in and out heavily. So, drink up..............water that is.

Get Well Soon

Ludens cherry cough drops.

A spoonful of honey works better than cough medicine.

Angelina V
gargle with warm salt water. it always works for me or a spoon full of honey:)

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