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 can you find nutmeg in a drug test?
If so can you get in any kind of trouble for it?...

 PLEASE HELP: those with asthma could you answer this?
ok i have had an illness thing for over 3 weeks and am getting better now, like the flu.

but since i got it everytime i play sport i find it difficult breathing
i have:


 when my dog coughs he makes a long snorting sound . what causes that.?

 Should I be concerned if someone I know has pneumonia?
Ok, so for a school project our teacher pretended to be sick, and we have to figure out what he has, how he got it, and if we should be concerned. We know he has pneumonia, caused by streptococcus ...

 how can i tell if the fact that i get tired easily is a cardiovascular issue or if its a respiratory issue??
i get tired easily from running. how can i tell if its a cardiovascular issue or if its a respiratory issue?

 How to get rid of this horrible cough?
It's been few days I'm having really bad cough that annoys me so much and makes me unable to sleep at night.
I'm on decongestants and anti-inflammatory medications since yesterday ...

 how to improve asthma symptoms?
what can I do to improve asthma ?
I already take singulair, allergy meds, I already drink a lot of water, eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables, I already exercise quite a bit?

any ...

 Can swimming regularly help ease the symptoms of asthma?

 Why can't i get better?
Ive been sick for over a week now. It started out as a stomach thing and i was constantly throwing up but it only lasted for a day the next day i felt much better i was just weak and low on energy. I ...

 water dripping form my nose........?
no joke.
i have a clogged nose. i think im getting sick. i walked to school a couple of times and it was chilly ( i dont normally walk to school)

and now i got sick. i don't have ...

 I think I have tonsillitis, but I'm not sure! Help!?
Okay so I think I might have it, but I'm not sure. It hurts to talk, swallow, and breathe. I have mucus covering all of my throat and it's really nasty. Every few minutes i get up to go ...

 Fort Collins/ Asthma and elevation issues?
We're moving there next month. I'm nervous with my asthma if a higher altitude could affect me. I'm in NY so we're pretty low. This area is 300 ft. So I'm going up about 4700 ...

 Someones lung collapsed at shcool and there was no help; if this re-occurs what can I do?
It was my husbands lung. And no one knew what to do while he was going into shock, I tried what I knew, but it didn't help....

 are you a smoker? what do you get out of it?
well i just wanted to know what you get from smoking husky voice?...
and how many do u smoke a day?...

 fast way to get rid of hiccups!!!???

 How will gingo biloba affect someone with asthma?
I am an asthmatic and have decreased oxygen to the brain and was trying to figure out how can I enhance my oxygen level because it's effecting me in school, I've tried gingo biloba before ...

 How long does it take to treat bacterial pneumonia? ?
Also, how long are steroid medications used for with this illness? Can this illness make severe scars on my lungs?...

 Are there ANY bad side effects of sniffing this?
sniffing hot sauce for long periods of time
rubber, new shoes, perfume, kevlar-from kevlar helmets, metal, any sort of food item....

 Nose stuffed?
Okay how do you get your stuffy nose to clear up?
I've tried nasal spray I've tried medicine (Suedafed)
I've tried vicks inhaler and walking around. HELP?...

 controling panic attacks?
everyone that has had a panic attack or has panic disorder how do you control ...

How can I make my lungs stronger?
I am playing soccer, for more acceleration and more speed I need to make my lungs stronger. I there any exercise or any type of food that can help me.

lamb lungs

I've got bad lungs and I was told to try some instruments that would help my lungs, stuff like the trombone, saxophone, trumpet etc, but if you would rather do something else try blowing up balloons, people with good lung capacity can basically get a balloon up in 2-3 breaths where as with me it usually takes about 9-10 lol. Just try that if you want something cheap and effective.

<3 Erin <3
swimming is the best for asthmatics...

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