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 why did my doctor didn't give me a gown to wear durig a chest x ray? does it affect the results?

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hi, i went to the toilet last night and it felt like i was going to poo but then a brown runny liquid came out. it really stank. The same happened today. Is it diorhea? If so, what can i do to fix it?...

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 What's wrong with me?
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jus wondering cause i have no clue and it doesnt say on ...

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 how do u smoke a waterbong?
can it be very detailed, i've looked up how to.. but i dont under how like the smoke goes DOWN the tube or something?
best answer ...

 i have TB and i need some help?
OK so i found out i have this diesie called TB and i know im taking medicene for 9 months. But What are the best foods i can eat to make me healther?...

 i wanna try smoking just for the experience. what type should i try?
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 Is it normal that I am very irritable when I am suffering my asthma due to my GERD?
Please help me what to do, I hate myself and other people close to me!...

 How messed up are my lungs I've?
been smoking for a little bit over a year now. 6-7 cigarettes a day on average. Somedays up to 15. I want to try to quit. I'm 18, and recently I havnt been able to swallow quite well the smoke,...

 I like __________________________ fill it in!?
Feel it in or suffer the Ubermensch!...

 My baby can't breath. Please help me!?
I have asked this question before but I am hoping someone new can see my question.
I live in Kentucky and my 18 month old son has severe asthma and allergies. His main triggers is fragrences ...

 What is a word that starts with z that is tobacco related?
tobacco ...

 Has my doctor given me the wrong diagnosis?
A few months ago i was feeling really rough and was heavy trouble with my periods so i went to the doctor who then gave me blood tests for anaemia which i've always been and a test for an under ...

 Recently i Keep Having to Gasp For Breath & i Am Finding it Hard Too Breath ?
Any Ideas Of What This Could Be.

i Only Get it Every 2 Hours Or Soo.. Buht i Panic Because i cant breathe. eventuattly i get my breathe back but i have to yawn 7-8 times.
any ideas ?<...

 why can't I stop smoking?

 should I smoke today?
ive had like congestion in my throat and coughing will smoking affect that....

How can I keep my throat moist during the night?
I have a cold and hate nothing more then waking up during the night, having a coughing fit and then drinking water - only to find out my throats extremely dry and it hurts to drink. Anything I can do to stop this from happening? -- I'm doubting it but I thought I'd ask. (Haha and dont be a pervert.)

lol i didn't even think anything until you said don't be a pervert xD
try putting vicks vapor rub or something similar on your chest and throat

I know it hurts you to drink but drinking water seems like the best solution.

drink some tea before you go to sleep and take some throat drops, and keep a glass of juice near your bed when you go to sleep,. and take some vitamin c if you have it, you'll be right as rain

A. Roman
A humidifier is your best choice. It is about $30 at WalMart. That was what my doctor told me.

kelly d
the humidifier and drinking water seem the best options... although there is a product called "oramoist" that is used for dry mouth. It is a little patch that adheres to the top of your mouth, and causes your mouth to stay moist for people who have dry mouth.... so i guess theroretically it may help you out.

Also you could take some medicine before you went to bed to help with your cough/cold. some benadryl should help you fall asleep and with the runny nose/post nasal drip that may be causing your cough. and take some tylenol or motrin for the sore throat

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