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Help! Is a fever between 101 and 103 for 5 days normal with a viral infection?
Is there a nurse out there, please? My son is 21 years old and he started coughing about 7 or 8 days ago. He has allergies and some asthma, so we're not sure if the cough started innocently and just progressed into a bigger prob. or if it is just a coincidence and not related to his fever at all. Anyways, about 3 or 4 days after the cough started, he started running fever (last Friday). It ranges from around 101 to 103. I took him to the doc. yesterday to rule out the flu or possibly a secondary infection like a sinus infection or bronchitis or pneumonia. He tested negative for both flus (seasonal and H1N1) and the doc. said his lungs sounded perfect and his throat and nose looked pretty good, too. She seems to think it's viral, but I don't know. Today was the 5th. day of fever. Tonight it's back to the 102-103 range. What's even more weird is that other than the fever and cough, he has no other symptoms. No sore throat, no body aches, no headache, no nausea or anything like that. In fact, he's eating a lot! He is spitting out some mucous when he coughs, but he said it's coming from his throat, not his chest. And remember, the doc. did say his lungs sounded great. Is it normal to have a viral infection cause so many days of fever, esp. at his age? Would appreciate the help!

104 will cause brain damage and the doctor should have referred you to a specialist.

Yes, viral infections can run for up to 21 days. It all depends on the idividual and the virus. As another poster stated, these in the office rapid tests are not always accurate. The no symptoms other than fever would make me think that is was viral.

Did the doctor prescribe him any antibiotics? There was no true evidence of a baterial infection? All that she tested for was viral infections.

He should drink plenty of fluids and keep his butt in the bed. If it is a viral infection, regardless of it's origin, rest and fluids will help. This far into it, even if it was/is the flu...it will have to run its course.

Also to consider would be...Strep, Mono, Urinary Tract Infection, Skin Infection somewhere on the body, or STD.

The tests done in the doctor's office, rapid flu tests, have a high rate of being incorrect.

Your son fall into several categories of higher risk from swine flu. He has asthma, he is younger than 24, and he has had a high fever for several days.

Time to see the doctor again or see another.

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