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 Can you eat and drink pretty normally with a trach?
I am having a tracheotomy done tomorrow, and I have some questions about it, and this is one of them......

 Recurring cold and shortness of breath?
What is this? For the last 4-5 days i have had a cold every other day. I have a cold in the morning and the afternoon but by the evening its gone. At the moment my chest feels tight, this is probably ...

 I been having trouble breathing. plz help?
ever since last week, i been having trouble breathing through my noise and i keep taking deep breath. this might due to the hot weather but i am not sure. This only happen when i think about it, when ...

 Breathing spasms after crying?
Sometimes after i cry, i make a sort of gasping noise which feels a little bit like hiccups and sounds like a gasp or a wimper. They are involuntary and if i try to stop them, they just end up being ...

 I just had the ambulance come to me...is this true?
I had to pull for air, and he listened to my lungs and he said it was clear. Ive been showing symptoms of pneumonia for about 3 days...so is it true if they listen to your lungs and they sound clear, ...

 Why do some smokers get mad?
Why do some smokers get mad when
you tell them to stay far away from you?
I went to a place to play snooker,billiards,
there were a group of guys hanging around
drinking and ...

 if you use oxygen and dont need it what happens to the excess oxygen?

 Are the lungs made of muscle?
Science question....

 What is stage 3 of Liver fibrosis and what do you expect with it?! 10 Pts!?
My boyfriends dad just got a call saying he has stage 3 liver firbrosis I can't really find anything on it and they want to know a little bit about what they are dealing with, so any help would ...

 Recently, I have short shallow breathing and breathlessness all the time?
it always feels like I'm not getting enough air into my lungs, if that makes sense. even if I'm lying in bed doing nothing and trying to get to sleep.

What is this a sign of? Is ...

 what is d difference b/w bronchopneumonia and lobar pneumonia........?
and pls don't tell me that one involve focal consolidation and other the whole lobe.what i want to know is d basis of this difference.i read that the bronchopneumonia consist of three zones from ...

 Uncontrolled exhalation of breath?
Lately I've been experiance sudden, almost explosive, uncontrolled exhalations. I wouldn't call it a cough as there is no hacking or anything like that. It's like have the wind ...

 How do you get rid of a sore throat fast?
I have had a sore throat for 3 days and I want to get rid of it fasttt! by tomorrow =( please ...

 Surfactant helps to prevent the alveoli from collapsing by:?
A. Interfering with the cohesiveness of water molecules, thereby reducing the surface tension of alveolar fluid.
B. Humidifying the air before it enters
C. Warming the air before it ...

 Why is there so much mucous after my tonsillectomy?
And what can I do to get rid of it?...

 Why do my hiccups hurt all the time and how can I stop it?
everytime i hiccup
which is a lot sometimes
it hurts my chest sooo ...

 Which of the following types of oral antihypertensive may attenuate exercise-induced asthma?

 can i use the Generic inhaler form like walgreens for excerise induced asthma?

 strange breathing?
I am totally freaking my daughter out. She states that while I sleep,I exhale making a "puh-puh" sound, she states this is continuous. what would cause this?...

 is antibiotic Levaquin good??
I received a levaquin prescription today for an infection, wheezing, etc.

It seems to already have helped after just 12 hours.

Is that possible?

I already feel better....

Every time I eat food it feels like I'm going to choke?
Every time I eat any type of food I choke on the food (Indicated, normally, by feeling very light headed whenever choking, not being able to breathe, etc.), no matter the size of the food (I chew it very thoroughly) Every time I eat it feels like a piece of the food I ate is stuck in my throat, but still not making me choke. I can't get it up or down, either. My parents refuse to bring me to the doctor, also. About 1/4 of the time I eat a piece of food I choke on it. Is there a problem with me or something? Is there any way to stop from this happening? This all started whenever I was in a restaurant and I choked on a mussel. Please help! Thanks!

Are you having trouble swallowing, is that what it is? Cos if it is, you will be fine, I went through a stage there for a while and everything I tried to swallow I just couldnt and I choked. But it went away after a couple of months, nothing to worry about.

I'm 29 and I have a hiatal hernia which causes this problem for me. I have to take OTC Zantac 150mg before I eat or after I eat. But not saying this is what you have just suggesting that's all. I would try the zantac though could be GERD or acid reflux or your esophagus.

there are medical reasons why this can happen. anything concerning your ability to swallow should be considered serious until proved otherwise. you could have a tumor, or neurlogical problem.
it could also be a fixation on your part or like a phobia that's causing you to be hyperfocused on the act of swallowing.
either way, it warrants a doctors attention.

Well the same thing happens to me with some food, But I started chewing my food a lot more, So based on experience. If you do chew it more then you already do. There's a chance you might not choke anymore. I don't know. It also my be GERD, or gastro esophical reflux disease, which I also have

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