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 Almost have sleep paralysis every week?
Whyy?? Its always with something evil and ...

 Is it normal for an infant to have REM?
Okay, so here's my question, haha... obviously..

I'm in my college level 1 psychology class, in college... I go to school for music, but I have to take the class anyway... I'...

 I think I have asthma but my mom says i'm fine?
I often feel like i'm not getting enough air when I'm breathing, and on the bus today, someone sprayed perfume (or something like it) and I had a hard time taking deep breaths. Sometime'...

 Can Sleep Apnea cause SUDDEN DEATH!?
Im doing a project and someone said it did an im just double ...

 shallow breathing? plz come n answer?
i have been experiencing a shallow breaths.. its like i have to take a deep breath from my mouth every once in a while,, i dont have breathing difficulties,asthma,coughing,fever,chest… whatsoever.. ...

 Does anybody else have trouble breathing when drinking?
Its not that I can't breathe. It just becomes a little harder to breathe for some reason. ...

 When I breathe out after running, I can hear a slight wheezing/whistling sound...?
It's been happening for some time now, and I'm not quite sure of the reason. I'm healthy and definitely don't have bronchitis or any other infection at the moment. Also, I don'...

 Chest pains, urgent !!?
I have severe pains in the center of my chest, and my back. I have short breath, and cannot breathe to deep, because it hurts alot. I am asthmatic and have been taking my ventolin, but cannot breathe ...

 My lungs are not at their full capacity. Any suggestions?
My doctor tells me that my lungs capacity is only 60% and that is good enough for a normal life. My question is that when I work out or walk a few blocks, I get out of breath. Is this could effect ...

 can a nose infection go to ur brain?
can picking your nose make you lose the sense of smell and can a nose infection go to your brain and kill ...

 how do i get a wide chest?
alright this is my workout atm i do chest monday wednesday and friday. Take note that i only have a becnh and a machine called the Weider 4990i Home Gym as i do this at home. I do 5 sets of becnh, ...

 I need help getting used to a CPAP machine?
I had a sleep study a couple of weeks ago, was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and got a CPAP machine about a week and a half ago. I am having a lot of difficulty getting used to using the ...

 throat swollen, lymph nodes??? me worry?
my throat does not hurt at all. i can breath. its not a sore throat or anything and i am not sick. however, it is slightly more difficult to breathe and i can really feel it when i run, it KILLS my ...

 Sudden dizziness and rapid heartbeat? and double vision? Why?
I was sitting at my desk doing homework and suddenly my heart started beating pretty fast. I stood up and I kinda felt dizzy. Then I had a double vision for a very short period of time. I sat down ...

 How do I stop smoking? :(?
I have been smoking for 5 years and I want to quit now. I know it is some kind of hard at the very beginning. So, would you give me some tips about how to quit smoking effectively?...

 Why can't i breathe properly? Anyone please tell me?
i have this problem with my nose. one of my noseholes is like 100% blocked and the
other is like 40% blocked. This has been happening since long as i remember. i dont
remember when i was ...

Okay so my brother is sick with the cough thats it and he has a fever of 102.something and i have a cough exacly like him but my thoat feels sore and my temp is 98.7 my moms letting him stay home ...

 Breathing problems help please?
I have been noticing for the past few weeks I have to take many deep breaths and am constantly yawning trying to "catch" my breath. I am 18 years old started smoking at 16 and cut down ...

 my doctor has my oxygen on 3 for copd and i am starting to have strange dizziness, ox level 97/83 on finger?
When i sit i get dizzy, strange feeling and my finger indicator says im at 97/83 but having trouble breathing, feel lots of anxiety at that time too. Is my oxygen way too ...

 can you get sick from sniffing bleach and ammonia fumes?
I decided to clean a friends car yesterday. I mixed half the solution with ammonia and bleach - the other with water. I (idiotically) did the chore in a closed garage. after about three hours i was ...

RIP Leigh <3 12.23.96-11.14.10
Effects of inhaling spray paint?
I came home to my apartment today to find the maintenance guy here. He calls himself repairing mold/moisture damaged baseboards by spraying a coat of spray paint, in my bedroom. He did not have the apartment ventilated, windows opened-so my room smells like spray paint fumes. I have asthma, I wouldn't say I'm having an asthma attack, my chest feels a little funny as I would think anyone who has been in a unventilated room with spray paint. I

Will I be ok with fresh air? Should I go to the ER for any legal work? I called the state to have this place inspected, I dont want to pay the co pay. If somehow I get evicted/lease terminated should I go?

Cinder Block
Super-fun multi-coloured breath

Jessica Minnikin
you can experience brain damage

you should be fine short term exposure is not serious,,good luck

You should be okay with fresh air, and you should be okay inside your home as soon as the fumes from the paint are all gone. It shouldn't last more than a day or two, but the smell can make you uncomfortable for up to a week. There is therefore no need to go to the ER unless you can't control your asthma crisis.

However, you should report your landlord to the Health Services and see with them what your options are. Some types of mold can be very dangerous and even threatening to your health.

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