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julia R
Dry hacking cough that wont go away??!! help?
Dry Cough wont go away! Help me please!
by sydneygirl530, 10 hours ago
ok so it been now 12 months of me trying to get ride of this cough here is how it started...

one day i decided to help my mum with her mouldy shower and sparyed some cleaning shower stuff and started cleaning...the next day i noticed a dry cough//couple of days later i got a fever and got really sick. when to the doctor got antibiotics. 4 months later the cough was still there so doc did a blood exam and found that i have walking pneumonia/Mycoplasma pneumoniae (but the exam said that i had it but currently didnt have it) went on antibiotics 3 times, allergy med nasal spray, ear drops, anti-acid which help but dont get rid of the cough completelty...

I've had 5 xray all of which were clear only the last one showed I had a post inflamatory granumola then had a CT which came up clear. tested for asthma which came negative.

my symtoms

cough that wont go away, it specially appears when i am stressed
i is dry hacking cough
a cough that may come in violent spasms but produce very little mucus
sometimes i cough up stuff which is like clear spit
had this cough now for 1 year
i hate it! its dominating my life

does anyone have any suggestions???

Mr Poopyhead
Maybe go see a doctor instead of asking people online

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