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 Can swine flu symptoms reoccur?
I was diagnosed with the swine flu by my Dr. (Yes I was tested) & I was sick for 12 days. I am been feeling well for the past 5ish days now all of a sudden I'm getting a cough again & ...

 I'm AFRAID to get an Endoscopy! Will I gag and choke?
I have been having problems swallowing. Right now I feel some sort of lump. It comes and goes. It usually comes more at night.

I am going to get an Endoscopy. I am really afraid. I choke ...

 How to stop or out stink smokers?
I live above smokers and their suffocating stink comes up and into my living space. I can not open doors/windows or go out on my balcony with out the stench overwhelming me.
Is there something I...

 Chest Pains From coughing? Answer soon please?!?
So I just got over my cold but I still have I cough. I have chest pains and I am not sure if they are from the coughing or not. My parents say it is the coughing but I am still worried! Should I ...

 Are males or females more likely to get cystic fibrosis and why?
Please answer. I am really worried and need an answer. Thank you. =]...

 an agonist does what?

 Is this just going to be a sore throat or will it get worse?
Starting yesterday, I got a sore throat. It wasn't really bad. I went to sleep and found myself worse (I have been coughing up phlegm and the sore throat is worse.) In order to soothe it for a ...

 Symtoms of Collapsed or puncherd lung?
i was doing situps for over 20 times
i am fat

i was player with my sister, jumping on the old matress, i fell down, and felt somthing numb in my stomache, i stood up and there was a ...

 Why do some people snore? My dad snores too much, can't it be controlled?

 why does my left side of my chest hurt when i cough?
I've been sick these past few days just nose cloged up and coughing. If I beathe in deep my chest dosent hurt just when I cough... Why could this be?...

 is it possible for a smoker to smell cigar on someone else?

 I am a 23 year old female with a sedimentation rate of 70 I have swelling and pain in my fingers on both hands?
I tested negative for RA and am waiting on the rest of my test results. Does anyone have any idea why my SED rate would be so high?...

 help my son was exposed to t.b.?
my son was in jail recently and was housed with a inmate who has t.b. my son was tested (skin) and it was positive. he has been moved to another facility and is taking meds . the dr. at the detention ...

 My granddaughter had an abnormal hemoglobin test result, has to be retested right away, how serious is this?
Both parents are African American, daughter is not a sickle cell carrier, not sure about father....

 what are nurses work shifts?
im doing a paper on nurses for school & i really need to know this by may 5th, please help me out ! thanks :]...

 10 points best answer thanks?
Ok i am 21 female.
My chest was hurting me really bad and i kept feeling winded for 2 days.
I went to the hospital the third day.
They had told me i had strep and bronchitis.,
I ...

 if you get a x-ray can they tell you smoke cigarettes?
i know i don't have lung cancer, or Emphysema. so cann they tell that you just smoke?...

 Can you get asthma from other people smoking around you?

 Is smoking 2 maybe 3 NewPorts a day really bad?
If you smoke a few Newports or any cigg really what are some long term side effects? Will you really get Cancer, etc. from a few a day? Even if sometimes you don't have any for a whole week?

 Is it bad to wash your inhaler in the washing machine?
My Xopenex inhaler was in my pants pocket still when I washed them. Is it still safe to use it?...

Do it for Johnny! (Maddie)
Does pneumonia come on quickly, or start off little and get bigger?
Yes, I am paranoid.

Okay, I was exposed to someone who had walking pneumonia on Monday. Yesterday I felt sick. Today I still feel sick, but my lungs feel kind of congested. I know, I know, it's probably a cold, I just need some reassurance. If it was pneumonia, I would be feeling quite sick already...right?


this is a situation that can not be diagnosed over the internet although you have probably been exposed to the cold virus i'd get myself checked out by a doctor if your symptoms do not start to go away within the next couple of days yes pneumonia comes on slowly and it usually starts off as a common cold or at least what you think is a common cold.

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