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 why i am having trouble breathing?
i am not having any chest pain of any kind. i am not coughing up any kind of phlegm or anything. it just feels like not matter how big a breath i take i am not getting enough oxygen. i also find ...

 will coughs go away on their own?
i dont like medicine and ive had it since ...

 I have a terrible snoring problem?
Basically I want to stop snoring because I snore very VERY loud, and Im going away for a week with my Girlfriend and her family and I don't want them to hear me snoring, so I was just wondering ...

 I wake up feeling like I can't or have not been breathing.?
ok this started like 5 or 6 months ago and it started happening every once in awhile. Basically I would fall asleep with no problems and I would wake up feeling like I am sinking way down in myself ...

 Problems swallowing food?
Sometimes when I eat, it feels like the food gets stuck in my throat. I can still breathe but cannot swallow anything. I try and drink water, but the water comes right back up along with a lot of ...

 What can help stop loud snoring?
No matter what position I sleep in, I snore very loudly. What can help stop this snoring?...

 smoke inhalation good or bad?
i was blowing out a candle and got a little smoke in my lungs bad or good doctor or ...

 why does smoking pot help a cigarette smoker breath better in the morning?

 Do I have an ear infection?
I clean my ears every day with Q-tips, so I don't think there is a wax buildup. I do however listen to my headphones constantly. I got a new pair yesterday, but they have not been used. This ...

 My son is 9 years old and he started bleeding from the back of his throat for about 5 min.What could this mean

 Is there a lot of damage if I smoked weed 7 times?
Is it severe and permanent damage? Or not much at all. I smoked about 1g each time. Will there be a lot of brain damage or no. Will I be about the same as I was intelligences wise?...

 Why is my cough lasting so long?
I've had the same cough for 3 weeks. It's not THAT bad, it's gotten a lot better. I never have coughing attacks, it's just that when I DO cough, sometimes I can feel the mucus. It&...

 What would steroids be?
is it stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen, ect.. what would it be?...

 How can i cure a bad cough?
I've been coughing all day and i cant seem to get rid of it i've taken medcine but it's not helping....

 how to get rid of a chest infection?

 I've had a sore throat for 3 days, and I don't have a fever, should I go to the doctor?

 what are possible causes for coughing up blood?
my friend is 24 and headed to the ER as im adding this im just curious....

 C-section on Friday and I have developed sleep apnea in the past few days...I'm afraid I'll quit breathing???
I am very, very pregnant and will be going in for a c-section on Friday. I have recently developed sleep apnea from what I can tell. I wake up gasping for air, feeling as if my heart has stopped, ...

 is smoking weed bad for you?
can it lead to cancer or bad disease's?...

 Im really sick and i cant smoke, and i cant leave the house to go get chew or something...?
if anyone has any ideas as to how i might be able to get any nicotine into my system, please share i have 2 cigarettes left but i dont know how they could be helpfull if i cant smoke. (if anyone ...

Does a steam room help a cough?

It helps a croupy cough found in children.

it can -if you don't find relief, see your doctor.

it helps you to loosen phlegm so you can cough it all up..u need to cough in order to get that out of your body..try hot tea and Mentholatum..if the cough worsens like a barking cough then see your doctor for this is a bronchial infection..and he can prescribe antibiotics and an inhaler

Mike P
No a bedroom with some Vicks in the steam can help but a steamroom at a gym is not good.

Foster DAD
yes it can

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