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 feeling sick like vomiting of a morning?
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 Will my lungs be bad from smoking marijuana like 10 times?
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 How can I get rid of this cough!?
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 How dangerous is it to breathe bleach fumes?

 I smoked pot for the first time tonight and it did nothing for me at all?
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Death by Dehydration or Starvation?
So I'm doing a health project, just need some information.

It's possible to die by dehydration, correct?
Obviously possible to die by Starvation.

How long would it take to die by Starvation & Dehydration, each?
How long would it take to die by Dehydration & Starvation, together?

The process is faster if someone is athletic and play sports, right? Or would that slow it down because they're fit?

Is Dehydration for any drink? One of my friends told me it was only water, but if you drank juice, you would stay hydrated right...? Or am I completely wrong?

And that's about it. Any fun facts in there... well not really fun, but any other facts you might have, feel free to tell. The more information I have, the better it is.

One more question I forgot. If you were to stop drinking water, but kept eating food, would you still be healthy? And same for vice-versa?

Also, I'm researching right now but haven't found a real answer to is, is it painful? There are a lot of mixed answers for it. I mean I could always just say that for my report, but it'd be better if I had solid facts.

Anything liquid will hydrate you. Death by dehydration would occur roughly in four days or so. Death by starvation could take a lot longer...up to 60 days.
Both would be painful, especially death by starvation.

The mom
Dehydration will kill you faster than starvation. Dehydration can kill you in less than a day, where starvation will take a month or so- depending on your weight and activity levels. Your body obtains water from everything you eat or drink, but obviously water would be the fastest and easiest way to provide the liquid your body needs. Sports drinks and special drinks like Pedialyte are good choices because they also provide the necessary electrolytes you normally lose if you dehydrate due to vomiting or diarrhea, or lose fluid through excess sweating. If you were to stop drinking, or didn't drink enough liquid, your body would try to compensate for it by removing more water from the food you ate. What you would end up is very thirsty and very constipated. You wouldn't exactly be healthy although you would not feel particularly ill for a while. Once the constipation got so bad though, you would experience some severe stomach cramps that would probably lead you to seek care. If you allowed yourself to get too badly constipated, you could theoretically die from the retained stool, as it broke down and decomposed inside you. I don't think I've ever seen or heard of anyone actually doing that, but it is a possible outcome. Dehydration isn't painful, at least not in the earlier stages. The person is generally weak though, and as things get worse they would tend to have problems with heart rate and breathing which do tend to panic a person. If it got bad enough, you would have a heart attack, and that of course is painful to most people. Starvation is not painful at all, I believe, although the person does become progressively weaker and unable to do anything more than lie there. The heart rate would gradually slow down until it stopped, but by then I believe you would have lost consciousness, as a means of the body to conserve all energy to preserve heart beat and breathing. In any event, I don't think dying of either dehydration or starvation would be that pleasant to experience. You would be unable to do anything except lie there passively, and would be conscious of the problems while unable to do anything about it any longer. You would be well aware of your impending doom, before you lost consciousness and died. Fortunately most folks do not dehydrate themselves on purpose, it's rather by accident- and they are perfectly willing to take fluids in whatever form they can when they are available. Our sense of thirst usually helps a good bit in ensuring we don't dehydrate unless something really catastrophic happens. Most people who starve do so because food is unavailable, or some few decide to use it as a way of protesting something. I can also tell you it is much harder to manage a person who is starving than a person who is dehydrated. Dehydration treatment is fairly straightforward- you simply replace the lost fluids. You can't simply feed a person who has suffered from starvation. If you do that, you will most likely kill them with the attempt to be kind. People who are severely malnourished, and nearly starved must be fed very carefully, usually a liquid high nutrient diet at first, and slowly introducing solid foods that are easily digested, like rice, continuing this for some time until the body is re-used to taking in and utilizing solid food. Medicine learned a great deal about this subject at the end of WW2, when the concentration camps were liberated and the military men discovered the starving occupants. A good many were actually killed with kindness until they realized they couldn't simply feed the poor souls regular food. People seeing photos of medical aid camps in starved countries are often shocked to see the children with bowls of what seems to be plain rice. But it is actually not plain rice- it has been nutritionally souped up to help support them while they regain the ability to digest regular food. Hope these are enough facts to help get you started.

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