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 Way to stop hiccups?!?
Ok i have HIPS hiccups since HIPS 6 hours, well since my sports class at HIPS school. What is your HIPS way to stop hiccups HIPS!?...

 What does this sound like? Should i go to hospital?
Its really weird, my vision gets really weird and i get really dizzy and tend to see coulors blocking my vision. im really weak and it feels like my forhead gets really cold, i lie in bed and i get ...

 Bad effect of smoking?
how harmful ...

 cystic fibrosis question...does it develop or are you born with it?
my nephew is having blood tests to find out what is wrong with him..he is like a skeleton barely eats and gets wheezy, he had blood tests taken at hospital to find out what is wrong and they think ...

 Help!! what condition do I have?
My doctor and counsellor said it was

basicially what i've been thinking is

what if i'm cursed


what if in a relationship i'm cursed and ...

 Has anyone had an operation on their nose?
I have to have an operation done on my nose cos my left nasal septum is blocked and it don't allow me to breathe smell or taste. Have anyone had this operation done before as im a little bit ...

 Wheezing every morning?
My friend stayed over last night she has asthma and when she woke up she was wheezing nd short of breath, she told me not to worry she gets it every morning and is fine after taking her inhaler.

 how bad is it to smoke 2 cigarets once a week?

 Had a cold for 10 weeks?
Hi, iv had this weird cold for 10 weeks now, its not a blocked nose, but runny white mucus and i cant smell or taste very well.

My symptoms are:
Runny nose
Palpable lymph nodes ...

 should I raise my o2 liters?
I am on supplemental o2 for my asthma/copd. My doctor told me to wean myself to lower liters at night and I would get a better reading. Wouldn't I want to raise my liters for more o2 output?...

 Smokers: What age did you start smoking?
And why did you start?

Someone said that it's normally people under 20 that tend to pick up smoking because they understand the risk and are wiser. But I've had a huge urge to ...

 Would a chest xray show if somthing were 'wrong' with your lung(s)?
I'm asking because i was in hospital recently for a week and when i was admitted they did a routine chest xray. The problem i was in for was nothing to do with my chest, actually my head anyway ...

 what should i do if i have tons of acid reflux?
it feels like my chest is burning alot and my headaches get worse too. it comes off and on but it hurts really badly....

 i bought pipe tobacco instead of cigarette tobacco?
I have recently decided to start rolling my own cigarettes. i bought 2lbs of smokers best tobacco for a cheap price so i thought i was getting a deal. Then i realized it was pipe tobacco and now i ...

 Did the ovens in bakeries have asbestos in them?

 How can you cure voice loss?
I am just starting to lose my voice, how can I cure it before it goes completely?...

 I cleaned out an old fridge that had mold all in it with clorex spay. Later on that evening my chest started h?
hurting . Over the next day and a half it has gotten worse. My troat is real irritated and my chest is congestive. Will it go away with over the counter med. or should I go to the ...

 Shortness of breath - especially when lying down of after eating.?
I have been getting shortness of breath while lying down in bed, especially after eating. Recently it has been getting worse and lasting longer and not just when lying down. It is difficult to ...

 Can you cough wail you're asleep?

 Please help, random breathlessness?
For the last hour I have been getting breathless on and off for no reason. I have been sitting here doing college work and all of a sudden i breathless as if i just ran for ages. Its really annoying ...

Katie Scott
Cough, Chest pain and yellow mucus? Help?
I've had a cough for 6 weeks now and it's not going away! When I cough it really hurts my chest and I've been coughing up a darkish yellow mucus. I've been sick with it and during one of these times I coughed up a little blood. I've also passed out with the cough as I have been unable to catch my breath. Any suggestions?

kitten lady
it a chest infection i have it now i got the flu the hole family have it the blood is because u are couhing to much also i got pain in my head and tummy from coughing all the time go to ur doctor i got tables for in grow toe nail and he say it infection so the tables will do both try dry bread it help with the coughing

See a dr asap!

♥♥мσяρн ƒяσм тнє 80'ѕ♥♥
Yep, you have a chest infection.
See your doc and get on some antibiotics before it gets worse.

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