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 Traveling with 7 month old to see my smoking mom....?
Well my mom agreed to stop smoking in the house a month before we come out there to visit...and "air" it out. She also said she would clean the carpets and floors. Do you think it would ...

 what stuf makes people get asthma later in life?
i have trouble breathing sometimes and i am wondering if I could have asthma my mom smokes and stuff I have a non stopping cough f ...

 Ive inhaled muriatic acid a couple of times and it burned my lungs could this be bad?
Ino Ive had aniexty and athsma once i feel it burn i get away from the fumes....

 What can be causing this?
Sinuses feel pressure (the sinuses in the forehead, the others are fine)
Slightly stuff nose
slight cough
ears feel pressue, particularly the right one

I know ...

 without going to the doc, how does one know that they have a weak (or low) immune system?

 whats the best medicine for asthma that does NOT contain steroids?
No severe asthma - but dont like the side effects of ...

 Problems breathing. Chest Congestion or Allergies?
I have had really bad congestion in my throat and lungs for a while, and my eyes water sometimes. I usually have trouble breathing in really stale air but I went to the doctor and I'm fine. I ...

 Haven't been (totally) sick in 2 years?
I used to get sick (colds) pretty regularly when i was a little younger. (I'm 19 now) Probably around 2-4 times a year. But now, I haven't had a full cold for approximately 2 years. The ...

 Deep Vein Thrombosis and BLood clot in Leg veins?
IF there is a blood clot in the lower leg vein that breaks off and travels to the lung causing pulmonary embolism, about how long does it take for the clot to travel from the leg to the lung?...

 Coughing for 1 1/2 Month's Straight ?
(I'm a girl btw,, using my bro's account)
So basically it's been 2 months now. Since June 10th I have been coughing. It's really bad,, and it's starting to kinda hurt ...

 what are some alternatives to cpap for sleep apnea?
im on cpap. presure 8 . not enough . going to do third sleep study. 4th mask now. m 44...

 side effects of herbal incense. brain damage or not?
what are all possible known side effents and in particular brain damage ...

 whats wrong with my body? blood in my phlegm?
ive been smoking weed and cigarettes for about a year now. sometimes i binge smoke cigs and weed. recently the last two days ive have blood in my phlegm. the first day it was some but not too much. ...

 Have chronic sinusitis help with immune system boosters?
What can I do about my sinus infection? I had it for 4 weeks now. The doctors have decided that I needed a CT-scan in my nose and to see an allergist. I can't do that until next week so what can ...

 COPD?? Some one please give me some answers?
My mom just called me and said that she was diagnosed with COPD and that the doctors told her if she quits smoking she will be okay.She swore up and down to me that she is done she quit smoking as ...

 i have only had a diet soda a day for the last 2-3 days. would i be dehydrated enough to be admitted to a hosp?

 Can a stroke be caused by a certain germ?

 what is sickle cell anemia?

 Tight Breathing and spitting mucus every morning!! What's going on!?
I'm 20 years old, never smoked, I exercise every day (walking outside).

For a while, and especially when I'm sleep deprived, it feels like a lot of effort to breathe, like I need ...

 whats better blowin or takin a 60mg morphine?
please no negitive ...

Constantly Burping??????
I Constantly Burp all the time even when I havent ate or drank anything.. Im 19 & Over Weight.. Why Might That be? I also have alot of heartburn alot. Reasons?? Causes? Relief???

dont drink so much stuff withacids in it or sodium e.g. soda well read the labelsitll say what has acids or sodium=salt and your probly overweight because you eat alot

The flora in your gut is out of balance. You need to cleanse and re-establish a healthy gut flora. Try wikipedia or google "gut flora"

The demon within the taco!
Sorry, I don't know about a cause =(

Take a tum or two for the heartburn- whatever the dosage is on the bottle, and for the burping.. I'd say sit up straighter and stand up and walk around more often. I know if I'm slumped in a chair or even just sitting sometimes- when I stand, I occasionally burp. So I'd say stand up and burp when you have to and get as much out as you can- maybe it's just a lot of air trapped down there.

If I had to guess a cause/reason, I'd say it's just from eating too much greasy food- that can cause gas and heartburn- so lay off the fried stuff in particular. =) Just to see if it's the cause. If it is, then adjust your diet accordingly. If it's not, then I'd still say eat a little less of it- fried batter's not good for ya! BUT OH GOD, IT TASTES SO GOOD D:

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