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Can pneumonia damage the heart?
About 2 months ago, I got over pneumonia without any medication. But since then my heart feels weak & weird (hard to explain) for some reason like it's not beating properly. I have run 5 miles since recovering from pneumonia and I can't finish without stopping like I used to. I have to stop often because I am feeling very tired. Is it possible penumonia damaged it and will it ever be healthy again?? Are there drugs that can help?

just like any infection that is left unchecked, the infection always has the ability to spread into the bloodstream and then on into the heart where it can cause problems. You may also have some permanant lung damage caused by the pneumonia itself. I recommend you see a cardiologist and pulminologist pronto so that you can recieve treatment if you do have something seriously wrong with you.

YES.. it possibility could if you don't treat it promptly..... but most likely NO in the short term...

Grand Duchess LadyProtector
The majority of pneumonia cases are provoked by microorganisms and are commonly cured with 5 to 10 days of antibiotic therapy, it can be even for a longer period if human's immune resistance is weakened. Non-severe as well as moderate pneumonia may be treated with a recently-appeared antibiotic type named Ketolides. In stable young people, the results of appropriate antibiotic therapy can commonly be experienced in approximately two to three days. Therefore, if you were diagnosed with pneumonia since pneumonia is a lung disease, the bacteria could spread if not treated, and could cause your heart to be compromised of the disease, but also note that if you had pneumonia you would not be able to breathe, your lungs would be filled with liquid, and you would not be able to run without collapsing. So, I would suggest you get yourself to a physician to see if you in fact you had a virus or some sort of infection that could possibly have spread to your heart or perhaps you have a heart condition that needs to be treated. In either case I hope you feel well soon.

Mango's Family Cat Came Back
You lose lots of fluid with pneumonia. Fluids affect the muscles and the heart. The heart also has to work harder if the lungs are not as well as they ought to be. You...might still have an infection in the lungs. More likely it is your body is reacting to coldness outside while you are recovering still. I'd go see a doctor to be safe though. But to answer your question, yes it can damage, but no, it's probably not permanent.

you should get it checked. pneumonia is a lung infection so it predominantly affects the lungs but there is no reason why the infection couldn't spread. i don't think its your heart though.

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