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 What two prominent muscles have been affected?
In John’s checkup, one year after an accident severed her right accessory nerve, severe muscle atrophy was noted. What two prominent muscles have been affected?...

 Sinus Issues w/ nasal spray?
I have been sick but haven't felt bad for 4 days or so. But, my nose was still stopped up, so i started using nasal spray. It doesn't seem to be getting better though. Could the nasal spray ...

 Can demonds attack you on your sleep?

 Does Bronchitis == or = Pneumonia?
Would the symptoms of bronchitis be mistaken for pneumonia, and vise versa?

And how do you distinguish the two?...

 I accidentally inhaled a lot of smoke! Will I be OK?
I was lighting a match so I could light my candle and it let of a lot of smoke and I accidentally inhaled a lot of it through my mouth. I started coughing a lot and my throat is burning. What do I do?...

 Can you separate a rib from coughing?
I was sick with broncitis and went to the doc and got on medicine, that was a week and a half ago. Feel 100% better but still have a cough, well when i cough it is very forceful. Last night I coughed ...

 Girlfriend and asthma attack help?
My girlfriend, who is 18, just recently had an allergic reaction which led into a severe asthma attack while we were at the movies. I tried to drive her home but she couldn't sit down and breath ...

 Flutter, thumping in my chest?
About a couple of times a year, I would get this feeling in my chest. It would flutter and kind of thump, and my breathing would be affected, but I wouldn't get any pain. In the past week, this ...

 my chihuahua has a hagging cough what does this mean?

 URGENT HELP I can't stop making myself throw up?
I'm 5'3" and weigh 109 lbs which makes my BMI 19.3.
I've recently been on a diet and in the last few months dropped from 130 lbs and a BMI of 23.0
However now I've ...

 i wanna know if i collapsed a lung?
my heart is bbeating just a little faster then usual and i have a small shortness of breath.. whats this mean?????...

 which is worse ? smoking question...?
1 pack year over 4 years then quitting, or 1 pack year over 1 year then quitting ?

im a 20yo guy, quit smoking, but started when i was 16 and smoked for almost exactly 4 years to the ...

 How much does an AIR PURIFIER cost...one that would get the cigarette smoke out of the house?

 Cigarettes and coughing mucus spit (loogies)?
Hi, im asking if coughing out mucus spit like yellow green stuff , from smoking cigarettes is normal , i've been smoking for three years , but i recently quit and started back because i've ...

 How long does coughing last after the flu?
My mom had the flu 2-4 days ago, and she is still coughing a fair amount. When does the coughing go away after the flu?...

 hi i am 19 yrs old female, and I have been sick for the past three weeks.?
hi i am 19 yrs old female, and I have been sick for the past three weeks. the first week, I had a stomach pains, mager head aches body aches and chills, my temp went up and down from 99.2 to 101.fer. ...

 Please help my brothers been have coughing problems?
hi please help my brothers has these symptoms and he doesnt smoke and hes only 12. hes also not the healthiest eater and he kind of over weight:
1.cant talk for long bc he cant breathe right

 How long will sinus infection last!?
Ok so 2 days ago I got sick...today about 30 min. ago I went to the doctors office. They told me I had a sinus infection. I am on an antibiotic and I was wondering how long it will last....

 Tight chest , can taste blood when i cough , muscle spasm , light headed?
started the other day and comes all at once every so often makes it difficult to breath and makes me shake :/ im 14 i dont smoke or anything please help if you can :/ ...

 Im 15, and ive been told i snore in my sleep?
i have been told i snore in my sleep, i have a hard time breathing through my nose, and i always talk like my nose is stuffed up when its not, why is that? my parents are trying to find a doctor but ...

Can chest congestion cause you to lose your voice?
I've been a little sick lately, but nothing too serious just a lot of chest congestion. Well about 4 days ago I ended up losing my voice completely but I still strained my self to talk at least a little. It's a lot better now but it's really scratchy. What do I do? I have a 6 month old daughter so I can just completely stop talking. Can it be cause by chest congestion? If so, how do I help it?

Hi..well usually when we get chest congestion the congestion tends to go down the back of our throats(eww),and this can lead to scratchy feeling in our throats and can make it difficult to speak,talk even whisper at times.It's due to the drainage from the chest congestion basically..that is draining into the back of your throat,and this leads to the irritation your feeling.I wouldn't try nyquil..due to the fact it will most likely make you drowsy and seeing that your a full-time mother..you can't have that,right? Try a medication specifically for your type of chest congestion and any other symptoms you might have..a medication that doesn't cause drowsiness.And you should start feeling better in no time.And maybe some 'Sucrets's'(spelling?) may help with the scratchy feeling in your throat..Good luck and feel better soon.

If you had a flu then that's very common because once the drip goes down your throat to your chest, those areas might get infected. If it's just a congestion, then It can be cause by a cold or acid, that can messed up with air you use from your lung when you're talking. Take some Nyquil and you'll be fine.

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