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Linda S
Can a chest x-ray show if you smoke or not?
I had 2 chest xrays that showed double pnemonia. A biopsy showed it was really lung cancer. i was lucky. They removed it and I`ve been clean.

A chest x-ray can show damage which MAY (or may not) have been caused by smoking. Even non-smokers get emphysema, lung cancer and other lung diseases. A x-ray may show one of these processes, but it cannot tell if that process is due to smoking.

Definetly thas how they find the cancer 4 proper diagnosis or treatment.

marian_rox 16
That depends on how long you've been smoking and how much you smoke on a daily basis. If you've been smoking for years and you are chronic/chain smoker, then the radiologist will be able to spot some structural changes (even damage) in your lungs. If you have your old x-ray films or have had previous chest x-rays that are on file, then the radiologist will find it easier to compare your old results to your current ones and will most likely be able to tell if you're a smoker or not. On the other hand, if you've only been smoking for weeks or a few months, it can be very hard to tell. But, again, the frequency of your smoking plays an important role.

yes cos there tar in the lungs which are not normal to be there unless u work in a coal mine or a concrete plant

Polishkatie !
I had a chest xray and all they could tell was that I had the very beginnings of emphysema. This was after 15 years of smoking, though. Unless you've been smoking for years, a regular chest xray won't show any affects from smoking. The xray won't show that your lungs are full of tar, for example.

I think yes. Smoking causes subtle changes with your lungs' structures that will be visible.

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