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 Is this bronchitis or something else?
My throat has hurt for about the past 4 days and I developed a cough about 2 days ago that is just sounding more nasty with time. I'm really congested and nasaly and definitely have some post ...

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my heart beat increases, my arms and legs feel heavy and I become ...

So the last 4 days, I've been coughing on and off, first it was brown mucus, but now in the last 2 days its clear mucus. I've been having watery eyes and a runny nose. My voice has also ...

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 Home remedies for a continuous cough?
I don't feel sick... The cough will stop for a little while, but when I start up again it just keeps coming. I've tried meds (all I have is Aleve, Tylenol, Dayquil, and Nyquil), gargling ...

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 Serious Asthma Question?
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Can I take mucinex dm and benadryl together?
I'm taking the Mucinex DM for cough, but I'm also sneezing.

While Mucinex does work for the mobilization of mucous I believe the company is trying to expand it's customer base by adding the DM (GUAIFENESIN / DEXTROMETHORPHAN) which is of all things a "potential" cough suppressant. Now what's up with that? The idea being that you mobilize the mucous with the guaifenesin and then what? The ONLY way you can get mucous up and out of the lung is either by coughing, sneezing, or suctioning. So if you mobilize the mucous you need to keep the cough to get rid of it. Benedryl, while a well known drug, does have side effects that vary from patient to patient. It is also a drying agent which will also be at odds with the Mucinex. An interesting read is about all the gallons of cough medicine we have given ourselves and our children which includes DM and how little benefit there was except to big pharma. What was said is mostly correct. The grand mothers remedies are at least as successful. Honey, lemon and so on. If you have a productive cough ask your doc what to do about it. If you have any cough which is lasting more than a few days you need to have that checked as well. For the sneezing if you have taken benedryl before and it worked so be it. But if you take DM and Benedryl together along with guaifenesin I am thinking they will work at odds to each other and you will only be paying good money after bad.

Manuka honey was shown to do better than DM for a cough.

Rose E
Yes, you can take them together. benadryl (if i remember correctly) is an antihistamine and mucinex is an expressant.

You should probably ask your doctor, not (potentially unreliable) people online.

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