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 I have a very sore throat with little circles on either side of my uvula, help?
It hurts very badly to swallow, yawn, and breathe. I also have on and off headaches, a constant stuff nose, and persistant cough. I noticed that on either side of my uvula (the dangly thing in the ...

 what really is worse, a pack of cigarettes or a pack of weed Cigs?
lets say that they sell packs of tobacco cigarettes, and packs of marijuana cigarettes,

*(note each tobacco cigarette has the same amount of tobacco in it then there is marijuana in the ...

 HELP!!! How to stop coughing, quickly?!?
Ok, so its a little colder than normal where I live ( it's usually around 70-90 degrees )

I wasn't wearing a jacket one day, and developed a cough..

The first and ...

 I'm a smoker and I am sick of people making coughing sounds when they walk past me.?
I don't stand in the middle of a crowded room and light up, I will find an as much out of the way place as I can. I wait till people walk past and hold my cigarette away from them, it's not ...

 how do i get my mind off smoking weed?
This is 2011 and i haven't even once smoked marijuana. And my new year's resolution was not to smoke pot anymore. Last year i smoked 45 dollars of it everyday and i was really happy all ...

 Suggestions on how to make breathing easier?
anyone have suggestions on how to make breathing easier? I've seen my doctor a couple of days ago and they gave me Advair. I called today back today because I still don't have much relief, ...

 Can dehydration cause shortness of breath?

 What can I do about my snoring?
I have been married for 2 years and for the last year I've had to sleep in a separate room from my husband because he can't get any rest with my snoring. We've tried here and there but ...

 my girlfriend has a constant/chronic cough, what could it be?
She comes up with excuses like its ulcers but it has been going on for too ...

 are there any like....home remedies for asthma releif?
i just ran out of my rescue inhaler ventolin. and i dont want to take a breathing treatment becuase my mom would want to take me to the hospital when i know its not that bad but shes just over ...

 Can this be the cause of my breathing problems or do i really have asthma?
im 14. i was born 3 months early so i was premature and born with chronic lung disease! Secretly for the past 3 years i have been having breathing problems! I think I might have asthma. My chest ...

 Does a cool mist humidifier help my hard breathing too (asthma)?
I have asthma and was wondering: if I sat in front of my small cool vapor mist humidifier and breathed in the mist, would it help with my asthma by acting like a less complex BREATHING TREATMENT?...

 i dont know what to use for post nasel drip?
i have problems mornings cause it drips from head to lungs night times alot, and well i found something online sinuswars.com
i dont know if it will work, says it will work, www.sinuswars.com

 What would a hostpital ER do for someone having breathing trouble?
Wouldn't they measure your oxygen level? And if it was low what would they do? Mayr a chest x-ray ? I've had rearming trouble and I was really considering going but I'm not sure if ...

 What is your best advice? (Halitosis)?
I've been experiencing halitosis for years, and I did everything I could to prevent or at least I can minimize bad breath... Most advice was to brush your teeth as least twice a day, floss your ...

 How much does it annoy you when he snores?
When you are laying in bed next to each other and he starts to snore soooo loud! I cannot sleep b/c of his snoring, i have to listen to my ipod just so i can go to sleep.. he always sleeps on his ...

 I have phlegm in my throat that doesn't go away?
It's like stuck in my throat. Like, too deep to cough up yet not deep enough to swallow down. Even if I keep coughing but it doesn't come up. And sometimes it gets stuck in my throat and ...

 If you drank like a little bit of bleach what would happen instantly?
i am just wondering because it just came to me lol......

 Should I call off work today? I still have pneumonia.?
When I get up and walk, if I start talking, I lose breath fast coz I still have congested lungs. I get dizzy from it too. My job involves a lot of walking and working in a freezer. Normally, I'd ...

 crackling on lungs, short of breath?
Short of breath, Severe Head aches, Back ache. Doctors have listened to my lungs and said theres a crackle and have sent me for ...

Bronchiolitis in Adults?
I had flu last week and went to my gp who said my chest was clear but gave me antibiotics. 2 Days after finishing a 5 day course of antibiotics I felt worse so I went back to a different gp who said I have post infectious bronchiolitis from a chest infection! He has given me 6 days of steroids, I am now on day 4. While I was with the second gp he put me on a nebuliser for 10 minutes, I slept for the first time that night and did not wake coughing. However, last night and today i have a very hard dry cough and increased pain in my chest and ribs, I have tried to research this but all i can find is that it is common in children. Do i need to see my gp again due to the increased chest and rib pain? I dont know if its normal or if it should be getting better by now, I really dont want another sleepless night!

Be patient, it is a sign of recovery, bronchiolitis when under treatment, usually curable within 7 to 10 days.

Use a cool mist humidifier every night during your sleep.
If you don't have one turn on your hot shower, close the door and windows and stay inside for 20 minutes several times a day. Or smell the steam of a boiling water from a boiling kettle or pot (be careful not to get burn) for a minute or 2 for several times, many times a day.
Apply medicated rubs help to ease chest tightness.
Cough syrup may help to ease your cough, but if there thick sputum don't suppress your cough.

Observe and avoid any activities that trigger the attack.
Refrain from active play in cool night air.
Drink plenty of plain water, diluted fruit juice or weak soup.
NO milk or associated products for the time being.
Bed rest is advisable.

You will be still infectious within four days after all the symptoms are gone.
Take care and early recovery.

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