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 My six year old son has a chronic cough and stomach ache any ideas what this could be ?
I was told he had pneumonia last month they saw it on a cat scan of his abdomen when they were trying to diagnose his stomach pain. he was treated for it with antibiotics but still has cough and ...

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 I want to know everything on bronchitis?

 no appeitie sleeping a lot?
my dad was put on steroids by an emergeny dr last week ,but because of access fluid (my dad also has pulmonary edema/cynosis/right sided heart failure) his own dr took him of them straight away,apart ...

 doc says i have copd and i would like to lean more aboutsilica and how is causes copd?

 What is sodium bentonite?
What is the effect of sodium bentonite if accidentally contaminated with environment , against people or ...

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 help me someone please.?
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 doc thinks i have acid reflux cough -- anybody else have this?
i've had a chronic dry (nonproductive) cough for 2 years now. i've had chest x-rays taken; they were clear. it's been a mystery for 2 years, until the other day, my doctor told me it ...

 My chest is a little tight, and uncomfortable, and i have a sore throat, slightly blocked nose,?
i also feel a little tired, any idea what is the ...

 want to know if you have information on the ecoli germ in the human lung of an adult the symptoms?

 what's the closest OTC drug to treat bronchitis infection?

 If you have COPD is your life cut short?

 how can i decrease 15 liters of oxygen to 8liters on a bipap vision ventilatory support system?

 Anyone else home sick from work? I have bronchitis. Boohoo!?

 Eosinophilic granuloma?
Does any one else have this disease? How are you treating it? How long have you had it? Are you living a normal life now?
Just curious I was diagnosed 9 years ago and am doing well.
I just ...

 my mom is recovering from surgery how long do you normally stay on a trach ventilator? how many days?

 pacinian corpuscles are:?
a) found in the papulary region
b) rspond to light pressure
c) accomadate to constant pressure
d) found in the hyopdermis

i think its D but no too sure what are pacinian ...

Blood Oxygen Saturation level - what is the fatal and normal range?
Blood Oxygen Saturation level - what is the fatal and normal range?

How long is a sub 85% level sustainable without more than a simple mask?

I ussually like to keep the 02 sat level above 92%, maybe you should try nasal prongs and continous O2 regulation.

An SP02 of 90 and above is desireable with 94 and up optimal. Consistently below 85 is fatal but the exact fatal percentage can vary from patient to patient when other factors (primary pulmonary or cardiac disease) are taken into account. How many LPM delivery with no more than a simple face mask??? You haven't defined this parameter. Below 85% is hypoxia and without immediate supplemental 02 15 LPM a patient might survive less than 5 min.

I don't know who this Cookie25 is but I've just looked at her answers to other questions and now I have doubts as to whether she is actually the nurse she claims to be.

Just some experience

My first trip to hosp. my Dr wouldn't let me out with a SP02 of 88,

SP02 of 88 is where medicare will pay for 02
My Ins paid with a SP02 of 90

Airlines want you to have a SP02 of 90 to fly w/o oxygen

On albuterol, my SP02 was between 91 and 93, after albuterol, my SP02 is between 94 and 96 ( taken 2x weekly)

My Dr who has never smoked has an SP02 of 97

I can't help with child, but these are some relative numbers that I have had a little experience.

I am surprised the child doesn't have continuous flow around the clock.

My sympathy for your son's illness and your obvious heartbreak. Your question is a legitimate concern, but one best answered by your son's physician.

My doctor and oxygen therapy technician suggest anything above 90 is acceptable. They also advise that the lower end is best determined by the patient. Anyone with respiratory problems-I have COPD-is the best judge of how low is too low. If I'm struggling to breathe, then I need to use my oxygen equipment and/or rescue breathers or get to the emergency room.

Many doctors can't or don't diagnose respiratory problems. I went to several and got everything from a cold to flu to sinusitus to seasonal asthma or allergies. I wound up at the emergency room two days after being diagnosed with sinusitus. The doctors at no time used an oximeter to measure my oxygen levels when I went for help with my "breathing" problems.

The pulmonologist was furious at my "then, but no longer" physician, and said it ought to be mandatory that oxygen levels testing are as common as test for heart rate, blood pressure, etc. on any doctor visit.

My SO realized I wasn't breathing and rendered first aid. I was upset that he brought me back because for the first time in years I did not hurt with every breath I took. I just wanted to go back to sleep or whatever state I was in at the time. At the emergency room, my oxygen level was measured at 55%. For three days, they worked to get my O2 above 80%.

My heart rate can run anywhere from 65 to 139. My doctor says, again, this is an individual issue. What is normal for others is not normal for me because of the respiratory medication which elevates my heart rate. The healthcare professionals also tell me dehydration can elevate the heart rate, and to be sure to drink plenty of water before exercising. My breathing is often exacerbated by changes in temperature (humidity and cold are treacherous for me and many with respiratory illnesses).

His doctor and your personal observations about whether or not your son seems to be comfortable are the best sources for concerns in this case.

God bless.

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