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Hey, i have really bad tooth ache and i have been given anti biotics inside capusules which i cannot take. I was wondering if i could just swallow the powder inside, or does it need to disolve in the ...

 Knee hurts and i hurt it. do i need stitches?*pics included*?
i ran into the side of my friends bed frame. and it cut deep. and there are two little flaps of skin covering it. and if i took thos flaps off it would probably need stiches. and my knee hurts when i ...

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Does anybody know anything that could help cramp? Its really painful, I don't normally get cramp....

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I got stitches on my chest and I soon am getting them removed by my mother who says they won't hurt but she also said it wouldn't hurt getting them. Also can somebody explain how they get ...

 Whats wrong with me, I can't sleep?
I couldn't fall to sleep..
for months.. or probably a year now I sleep at 3 am till 1 pm, now this week I sleep at 8 am till 6-8 pm?!
what is going on, I'm trying to fall asleep ...

 Do uggs cause foot damage?
I recently hurt my left foot about 4 weeks ago; I went to the doctor, he said it was from overusing my foot and that i should be better by the end of the 3rd week, however, my foot is still bothering ...

 Why do everyone put their hand to the spot where they are hurt?
is it a form of spiritual healing, or the reaction of the humans instinct of nature?
Please give a full explanation.
And are you actually able to heal someone?...

 My stomach hurts really bad?
Okay, I just had dinner and I didn't eat anything weird. All I ate was some congee, but now my stomach hurts really bad. I don't feel the urge to go to the bathroom, but it's just ...

 Taking pills when u run out of suboxone?
I know someone who is on suboxone. I know alot about the medicine so i dont need to know what it does to you while taking it What i DO need to know though is what happens when you take painkillers OR ...

 Slight Dizziness, Sore throat and headache, what could be wrong with me?
It all started about a week ago, I had an achy feeling above my eyes which went on until Friday, then over the weekend I had a dizzy feeling in my eyes, on sunday night I had Flu symptoms (Muscle ...

 What should i Do? My ear is throbbing and when i woke up this morning I could feel it "popping"?
I got back from a dance last night and was very close to the speakers which were blasting , it hurt my ear temporarily so I moved away from them , when i got back my ear started throbbing and I ...

 Chest Pain (tightening on right side)?
I have been taking Adderall XR 20mg for about 3 months. About a week ago I experienced a tightening sensation in the upper right part of my chest. It lasted only a few seconds and there were no ...

 Pain on my right hand side?
So i have this like stabbing/tight pain in my right hand side? What can it be (not appendicitis) I have been told it could be that by a doctor but the pain isn't bad enough th be sure at the ...

Isabel S
why am i so sensitive when i see other people in pain. people around me are not as i feel.?
why am i so sensitive

i know alot alot of people like that... shoot.. i cry like crazy if I see a dog get hit ... it how SOME of us are. Be Happy and Live Well

That's not necessarily a bad thing, perhaps you'd be good in the charity field!

One thing to watch out for though; people in your situation often feel that they MUST help out in every way possible no matter what, and often feel like they have failed if they can't. Be sure to realize that you don't have control over everything and can't always fix things, no matter how much you may want to.

Just do as much as you can, but don't get down on yourself if you can't always fix everyone else's problems :)

curious female....
Because you are not cold hearted and detached. Or are you? You could be repressing feelings or expierences or situations in your life that you should be facing. Also dreams are a way of often getting out all the clutter. I would say get more sleep and I think it's good to be sensetive but, if you feel out of control it could be a hormonal imbalance....if you don't have the time or money for a phycologist than try exercising and getting more sleep.....

i think the converse question is more interesting, inquiring not into your own sensivitiy but into the insensitivity of others.

and the answer, alas, is that is apparently is human nature

Erica P
I am! It hurts me too when I see someone suffering. Thats called compassion and it is a good thing!! If everyone in this world would feel compassion towards others then this world would be a better place to live in.

Lolo O
i am the exact same way i just dont understand us people...

Raquel D
That's just the way you were made. Its nothing wrong with it but the world we live in today takes advantage of people like you. Don't change....we need more people like you in this world. You have an emotional connection with people...you can sense or fell their pain and troubles. I suggest starting some type of organization where you can forward your sensitivity into a positive outlet.

God made you sensative for a reason, just as He made others overbearing or strong or insensative or funny. There will be people put into your path that need a sensative ear. There will be times that your sensativity helps you get through a situation that others will not understand.

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