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Mary M
which side should i sleep on?
my chiropractor said my back is curving in two spots but he didnt say where and the left side of my chest is bigger. can anyone help me out? my right hip pops and feels messed up. i'm really comfortable and dont know how to get better. answers are appreciated.

left side

Alex J
on your back or stomach..

Wow! That's a hard one there. I would say just sleep on whatever side YOU feel most comfortable on. Good luck!

Either your back or stomach. Try both and go with which ever one is more comfortable.

you should never sleep on your left side because it puts extra weight on your heart and causes it to work harder when it is supposed to be at rest.

Suggestion, get a body pillow, put it under your left side so that the weight is on your right. keep a pillow between your knees to keep your hips aligned.

John M
Hello Mary, age would help a lot here.

your body is starting to break down, it can't keep up with the maintance so your going to hurt and have ache and pains too as you grow older. Popping in any joint is gas between the bones. A grinding is not good and is bone against bone and you know that by the amount of pain it gives you with out a doubt.

Incress your intake of calcuim, this is needed for Women but good for all of us too. Sleeping on one side or the other would be up to what side fells better and do that. I sleep on all four sides.

As for the neck.
you need to build up the neck so you need to work it a little. A rolled up towel, hot out of the dryer is good to use at home. Roll it about 3 to 4 inches around. ( as you do this more you can change the size of the towel too), place it on your right shoulder close to the neck. Now with out any force, roll the neck onto the towel by tipping the head over toward the shoulder. Now repeet this about 10 times. Rt. shoulder up, Rt. shoulder up, then do the Left shoulder 10 times again, Lt. shoulder up, then do it again 9 more times.

The next part of this is ver important you don't touch your chin to your chest. you are going to go back to the Rt. shoulder and lay the head to the Rt. but roll the head so that you look up at the ceiling and then down to the floor. You do this also for the Lt. shoulder. If you practice this for about a week three times a day you will find the neck will start to realine it's self. Our body's can do a lot if you work with it to improve.

Your hip;
lay on your back on a bed supporting the whole body. Bend one leg so that your foot is flat on the bed and up to your but if you can. then raise the other leg up about 6 to 10 inches and hold it in the air for the count of 10. do it again, this time when up you make a small circle about 10 inches around in the air with your foot to the left. then repeet again and this time turn your foot to the right. Do this with the other leg now.

This takes about a week to start to show you that it is working. A little pain is going to happen, but you will start to fell less pain each day after the first 3 days. Start walking around the block today. Then work up a mile aday, if the weather is bad go to the mall and do it inside in a heated area, thats fun too.

You should also take a anti-imflamtory, if you have any questions ask your chriporactor for a infomation sheet on working out.

Lay on your stomach and if you have a problem then sleep in a seat

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