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 i want to know if scoliosis is common in a certain race?

 I have felt this for a week already....?
I feel a pumping in my ear.... It sounds as if my heart is punding but in my ear!! It has been pounding like 1ce every 20 minutees but now it is poundin like 4 times every 20 minutes!! does anyone no ...

 Pain in left side of chest.?
I've been having this dull ache in the left side of my chest (just under the armpit) for three days now. The only time it hurts is when I move my head to the left, so my chest pain is basically ...

 Thumb finger nail pain after string plucking, if not normal then how should i play guitar?
i strum and pluck with the right hand and i've been using the end of my thumb nail to pluck the strings. Recently i'm feelng this strong pain in the thumb nail. My question is, if i'm ...

 Chest Discomfort?
I'm 15-years-old and I have a strange feeling in my chest. It's kind of hard to describe, but it feels a little heavy and tight. I don't do direct exercise a lot, only sometimes, which ...

 How would you explain this? 223-lb man with intermittent knee pain while standing or walking?
Seems to be in both knees at same time, and same intensity of pain or pressure...Sometimes I might stand for hours (as a DJ) and no pain at all; other times I will feel it just walking a short ...

 I think I suffer from O.C.D.. I have this tingly feeling on my left arm. what could it be?

 Any doctors around here?
I'm 13 years old and two weeks ago i started having a really bad pain in my lower back and it stayed there for about two days then it went away. Now, i have the same type of pain in my right hip....

 II would like to know how strong is methadone compared to other pain killers my dr. wants to put me on it?

 My head hurts?
I think i have a headache i took some advil. I just got home from the airport about 2 hours ago and right now my head just hurts. It feels the same way when i was in the plane. Why was my head ...

 does lack of sleep activate migraine,? i'm working in graveyard and my migraine always attack.?

 help i think i broke my jaw?
ok my jaw has been hurting for a few weeks but now it is to the point where i cant eat or talk i think mabe when the denist gave me three shots in my jaw that might have done somthing but it didnt ...

 I have been told I have Osteoporosis what now?

 why do i have neck pain and now i have headaches can that be related ?
i have had neck pain and neck spasm's for about 6 month's and my doctor told me to do neck exercise's and he gave me valuims 5 mgs to take three times a day now i'm getting ...

 4 the past 3 days i have been having lower backache like burning sensations?

 I have several herniated discs, myofascial disorder, trimenginal neuralgia and degenerative disc disease?
Can any of these or the combo of them cause me to wake in the morning feeling almost drunk. Even stubling trying to get my balance. This is every morning, not just once or twice. I do not drink, ...

 Can someone look at this MRI to tell me if I have a plantar fascia? It may have been cut when I was young.?
Also, I have LOTS of pain in the areas where I put the arrows. Can someone look closley and tell me what they think it may be?

I know that this will not be a REAL DIAGNOSIS - and I do not ...

 i work at an arena and i have to stand for long periods of time on concrete?
my feet hurt so bad after each shift, i am wondering what to do, so i got gellin insoles, and sorta helps, but not really, so i guess my question is what are some good standing shoes, and perhaps ...

 I have herniated disc in lower spine, severe pain and numbness in left leg could a chiropractor help?
cannot consider surgery because of blood clotting disorder, pain killers offer little ...

 can a damaged vertabrae in the lower neck be fixed?
My dad has pain in his chest, shoulders and arms. His heart and lungs are fine and the doctor thinks its likely to be a damaged vertabrae in his lower ...

whats the difference between oxycodone, vicadin, heroine, and morphine?
whats the strongest?
whats the weakest?
whats the difference between them
ive heard them all compared to each other

no im not a druggie
im just curious
i used to take oxycodone after a surgery

they are all derivatives of the same narcotic I believe...it's the dosage.

oxycodone is generic name for percocet.
hydrocodone is generic for vidcodin (which is weaker than percocet)
moprhine and heroine are both stronger than percocet and vicodin but heroine is the mothership.
all are addictive opioids originating from the poppy seed, cause constipation and euphoric feelings. long term use can cause mood problems due to tolerance and inability in getting the drug.
I hope this answers your question

Well, they are all opioids. Vicodin would be the weakest, as it is hydrocodone. Oxycodone is similar but stronger...contains more codeine than vicodin. Morphene is for long term pain control only and shouldn't be used for things such as short term recovery after a surgery..it is a long term use drug for chronic pain, cancer,etc. As for heroine I don;t know alot about it but I would defifnitely stay away from it. All of these drugs can be addictive if you take them longer than prescribed or take too many. People with chronic pain, like myself take these types of medications daily, just to be able to function.

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