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 Please help I have tendinitis in my wrist and hand is cold or hot better to sooth the pain? Thanks?

 what can cause lower back thigh and hip pain when lying down?

 Stiff and Tense Neck?
I have been having this problem for more than three weeks now. I never really have any pain but the neck always feels tense on the right side from right below the ear all the way down the neck to ...

 Whenever i lift my right arm, the upper part of my arm and my shoulder hurt REALLY bad. What can i do?

 I have pain in my stomach when I touch the incision area?
I've had 3 major surgeries, the last one being 9-29-06. They removed 2 organs and operated on 3 others. I am completely healed but still have a lot of pain in my stomach when I touch it. It'...

 relief for growing pains?
My daughter is crying because her leg bones are hurting. I think they are growing pains. Do you know of any fast relief for her discomfort?...

 what is tendinitis/impingement syndrome?
I got hurt on the job. I have unbearable pain in the left shoulder, rotatot cuff and in the shoulder blade. I have pain and numbness and tingling. Is their any treatment?...

 my back hurst when i stand for an hour or so...?
i'm in beauty school and we have to stand ALL day..i've never worked or anything so i'm not used to standing for long periods of time. But then when i sit (after standing all day)it ...

 My Neck????????????
OK so its a strange thing to ask but here it is. The side of my hurts not the inside of my throught but outside. Its hurts to the touch and its the left side almost that muscle on your neck....

 Will I need surgery?
I slipped on some ice and broke my kneecap. The doctor didn't give me much info to go on and the orthopedic doctor won't see me till Monday. I know any information I get here is just ...

 help for swollen feet - ankles?
thank you all who responded to my previous post. The compression stocking seem to really bother her legs with the RLS. We do not add salt when we are cooking and don't eat many prepared foods. ...

 can someone tell me the term Roxacette refering to pain killers is it same as oxycodine?

 Hip replacement?
I had a hip replacde in march, and it is killing me. Is this normal? Sometimes I can hardly walk....

 What can my friend do about his fever?
He's had this fever for about 4 days now. He says it will go away for a couple of hours but come right back. His doctor says tylenol and advil but that doesnt help. He's been off work for 3 ...

 stomach quest?
the side of my stomach hurts like crazy and feels cool at the same time.
every time pull in my stomach it hurts even ...

 My left hip is hurting?
I deliver mail for a living and we just had a bad ice storm come through. I did have a few slips turning into almost splits (but no falls) on the ice, but felt no pain, until the next day. i'm ...

 Funky Pain?
I have this spot on my left calf, in the fleshy part below the back of my knee. Every now and then it hurts... not a dibilitating pain by any means, but pain nonetheless. It's shaped kind of ...

 Is it a headache or something more?
I've been having intense head pains above and to the back of my left ear for about a week now. It's more of a hard compressing pain than a sharp pin-point one. They are slowly getting ...

 i have degenerating disks in my back what can i do to ease the pain?
im in a wheelchair due to having a stroke in the womb i have chronic pain in my legs and feet due to nerve damage from knee surgery when i was 12 i was just wondering if anyone had any other ideas to ...

 I have BAD ear problems.?
I can't go underwater about 5 feet before my right ear starts to sting. I tried popping my ears but, it makes a wierd whistling sound. I am seeing a doctor in a week but are there any other ...

what is the difference between hydro codone and oxycodone?


a oxycodone has 1000 mg of vicodon and 5 mg of oxycotin, a reguler hydrocodone is just a generic word for vicodin

oxycodone is in percocet
hydrocodone is in Vicodin
for the most part in the same family of drugs, the former tends to be stronger than the latter.

hydrocodone goes by the trade name "vicodin, lorcet or Norco" Oxycodone is also known as "percocet, oxycontin" the main differnces are their effect on the body. Hydrocodone is a Schedule controlled substance, but oxycodone is a Narcotic. They essensially have effect of relieving pain, but oxycodone is much stronger.

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