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vicodin (hydrocodone) pills and sedation?
i'll be getting some oral surgery on the 17th and i'll admit im kinda scared. its my 1st surgery and there are a few things thats been worrying me. has anyone ever had them put the iv in your vein and does it hurt? im scared they might damage that vein with the needle and i'll die. and after the surgery i'll be on vicodin, which i heard is very addictive and alot of ppl actually have gotten addicted to it. my friend said she thinks that some of the stuff found in cocaine is in vicodin. has anyone ever took it, or got addicted to it? or had bad side effects from it?...oh yeah. and what are the odd's that someone can wake up during surgery? all answers are appreciated :) (except one's that'll scare me) -arih actually i already have the pills and they gave me 30 not 10...im hoping i wont need them all. and thx u guys, cause i was really reaaaaally nervous yes i am having my wisdom teeth and 1 other tooth taken out...but they have to go through some bone

You might not have to take Vicodin. Or you may want to take them for the first day and then switch to Tylenol. People are prescribed Vicodin all the time. The people who get addicted are usually the ones who need to take them a long time like for chronic conditions. Nothing too serious can happen with the iv, I mean a vein can heal anyway even if it was damaged. Wake up during surgery? Are you talking about that weird thing where people wake up and can feel pain and no one knows they're awake? That is so rare, I wouldn't even think about it. Are you having your wisdom teeth taken out?

I have also been prescribed vicodin since I need gallbladder surgery. I am supposed to take them when I get severe attacks and if that doesn't work I have to go to the doctor to get morphine injections. There are bad side effects, in general one shouldn't take drugs like that unless needed because it does do damage short term or long term. I know a couple of people that are hooked on it. Just take them when you need them (hopefully not often). As for your surgery there are all these urban legends about people feeling everything when are in surgery is wrong. They have professional anesthesiologists there just to make sure it's strong enough so you don't wake up and weak enough so they don't kill you. Just remember to relax it sounds like a common surgery, One could just imagine open heart surgery. Good luck.

I have had many IV's and there is nothing to worried about. there is no way an iv could kill you, i have never heard of anyone dying from one. It hurts a little bit but its over quick. NO you can not wake up during surgery, once you go in you will meet with a seperate doctor called an anathesioligost, and his whole job is to put you to sleep and make sure you dont wake up. thats all he does during surgey, and i am sure that you wont wake up. you wont even remember anything. once the surgery is over and your on viccadon, there is nothing to worry about either. You shouldnt take vicodin for really long amounts of time but a week is fine. I have taken it after surgery, its just the drug they give you. all painkillers can be addictive, and vicadon is no different so dont worry you wont be addicted in a week. dont worry you will be just fine. its just oral surgery and totally common

Hydrocodone is a narcotic, but it is prescribed. I had to take it about 5 years ago when I was at the emergency room for chest wall pain. All it did was make me dizzy and I wanted to put my head down. That being said, once asleep, I slept hard. 36 hours straight (waking up every 6 hours for bathroom break and another pill, which is, ironically how often you're supposed to take the pills). Probably, they'll give you about 10, and you won't even need that many. It's not bad, just don't rely on them.

Mike K
You just have a 60% chance of dieing....Just kidding. Youll be fine and u wont get addicted if you read the instructions on the pill case. dont over do it. Good luck hun and ill pray for ya :-)

they can't kill you by sticking the IV in incorrectly. Vicodin can be addictive, but only when used improperly. Follow your prescription and you should be fine.

I had oral surgery a few weeks ago and was on vicodin for a few days afterwards. I didn't have the iv, but the vicodin took away all the pain. It also made me feel really tired, but not high or anything, and I am not addicted at all. Good luck!

You will be ok. I didn't have my wisdom teeth removed until 24, because the dentist said something about cocaine when I was 16. I was scared of cocaine. Get your teeth fixed now.

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